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Elon Musk Reportedly Had Amber Heard Cosplay as Mercy from Overwatch


  • Elon Musk’s connection to the world of video games is noted in a biography written by Walter Isaacson, which includes an unusual request he made to his former partner, Amber Heard, to dress up as the Overwatch character Mercy.
  • The request happened on the set of Aquaman, where Heard played a significant supporting role, and Musk explained that she reminded him of Mercy without further elaboration.
  • Musk’s affinity for video games is highlighted in the biography, shedding light on his complex and enigmatic personality.



Reportedly, Elon Musk had his former partner, actress Amber Heard, dress up as the Overwatch character Mercy for him. In Elon Musk’s world, surprises seem to be the norm; from his ambitious forays into space exploration to his candid comments on social media, he’s often a source of intrigue and headlines. However, this revelation adds another layer to the enigmatic billionaire’s life, specifically his connection to the world of video games.

The biography written by Walter Isaacson, which connects Elon Musk to Overwatch, was released on September 11 and is titled “Elon Musk.” The book delves into the multifaceted life of the entrepreneur, often describing him as a “man-child” who navigates between the realms of innovation and eccentricity. Isaacson’s account offers readers an intimate view of Musk, following the CEO for two years and shedding light on previously undisclosed details, including a rather peculiar chapter in his romantic history.

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According to the book, during his relationship with actress Amber Heard, Elon Musk made an unusual request. Supposedly, Musk asked Heard to dress up as the character Mercy from the popular video game series Overwatch. It’s said that this request took place on the set of the highly successful DC movie Aquaman, in which Heard played a significant supporting role. The reason behind Musk’s request, as detailed by Isaacson, is rather cryptic: he simply mentioned that Heard reminded him of the Overwatch heroine Mercy without providing further explanation.

In the Overwatch universe, Mercy is a guardian angel figure who, in addition to being a brilliant scientist and a staunch advocate for peace, is known for her ability to heal and empower her allies. This has made her a beloved choice among Overwatch 2 players.

Amid Musk’s hectic schedule, which includes his takeover of Twitter/X and a possible highly publicized fight with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, his affinity for video games appears to be a prominent aspect of his life. Walter Isaacson’s biography offers an intimate glimpse into the mind of a man who consistently blurs the boundaries between genius, eccentricity, and the unexpected.

As of the time of writing, neither Elon Musk nor Amber Heard has publicly addressed the claims made in the biography. But undoubtedly, it will be interesting for the Overwatch Series community to see if Elon Musk and the world of this video game make headlines together again, as this unexpected revelation suggests that there might still be intriguing stories to uncover.

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Source: Simon & Schuster, Dexerto

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