Embracer CEO just flat-out refuses to talk about the KOTOR remake now: ‘Anything I say to this becomes a headline’

The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake sparked some serious excitement when it was announced back in 2021. KOTOR is a seriously good RPG and a top-tier Star Wars experience, but at 20 years old it’s also very dated. Unfortunately, it has not been smooth sailing since, and at this point there’s legitimate doubt that the remake will ever see the light of day. And there was no good news on the status of the game in the most recent Embracer Group financial report—in fact, it was quite the opposite.

There was no mention of the game at all in Embracer Group’s Q2 press release, and the only sign of it in the full financial report was an acknowledgement that Embracer had previously announced it. That led one brave analyst to ask about the game in the subsequent earnings call (via Seeking Alpha), to which CEO Lars Wingefors replied:

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