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Embracing Femininity: How to Write Inspiring Female Characters

Femininity has always been depicted as villainous in society, and a big reason for that is the entertainment industry. Gaming, television, movies, film, and even news outlets create a vision of negativity surrounding feminine energy… but a daring, select few have chosen to break the mold, and offer wonderful examples of how embracing femininity can be one of the most powerful forms of expression in the world. Embracing Femininity: How to Write Inspiring Female Characters featuring Bayonetta, Regina George from Mean Girls, Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, Xena Warrior Princess, Sher from Clueless, Jessica Jones, the Charmed Ones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Legend of Korra, Mary Jane from Spiderman, 2B from Nier Automata, Sharpay and Gabriella from High School Musical, The Bride from Kill Bill, Mizukage from Naruto, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, Ripley from Alien, and more!

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Media Analysis created by Johto Jonny

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Personal Experiences 00:00
Mary Jane is Bad 04:50
Lacks Individuality & Empathy 06:25
Lacks Individuality 07:55
Lacks Empathy 08:25
Lacks Power 08:38
Fluctuation of Character Flaws 10:15
Lacks None of These Character Flaws 11:10
Stemming into General Diversity 14:04
Properly Write Motherhood 14:28
Examples of Positive Femininity 16:00
Play Nier Automata 17:00


Kirbynetta – CreativeHandle
Game Footage: Gamer’s Little Playground
Legend of Korra – Alex Papas
Spiderman – XHBunny
Mean Girls – Binge Society
Naruto Mizukage – Psycho AMV and TobitoTV
Charmed – theEnchantedArt
Jessica Jones – CBR Presents
Kill Bill , Alien – Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers
Hunger Games – Evelyn Jackson
Harry Potter – spellbooked
High School Musical – High School Musical
Xena Warrior Princess – Nostalgia NZ TV Archive
Cruella Deville – JuanDiva
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Angel – Angel Clips
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Kaouthar Darmoni speech: TEDX Talks
Emma Watson Speech: CNN

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3 months ago

Let me know what you think are good examples of feminine characters down in the comments! Meanwhile, check out ANOTHER new video!:

3 months ago

This game doesn't "pose existential questions that make you change your life." Your life was just so shallow and meaningless that it could be changed by a freaking video game. You're pathetic, and you're coping by submerging yourself in entertainment media in the hopes of being handed validity and recognition.

3 months ago

While I adore a lot of great women in media, I want to bring attention to one that no one in the comments is bringing up.

I love Shantae from the Shantae series.

She's unapologetically feminine but still with a righteous sense of justice. She's a half genie, so she's in a belly dancer costume, (which is her day job) but she protects her home town from trouble. Her signature attack is her hair whipping ponytail, which gains strength and whipping speed through shampoo and conditioner. She also belly dances in order to transform into animals with various abilities, which dancing is way more feminine of an ability than something like using a sword. Plus, she transforms into mythic creatures too, like a mermaid or harpy. And there is a concept of "dress up" even if it isn't a focus.

Her series is commonly written off as just poor fan service. There's also a portion of the fanbase that only goes surface level into it for the fan service. And yea I get they're not super high budget games, but I swear half of that is everyone just tells newcomers to play the 3rd game and ignore the rest, and the 3rd game is the most blatent on fan service and cringe humor. And there is fan service, it's very much tongue and cheek at times. But I think there's more to it than many people give it credit for.

It does play off well as Shantae is a cute sexy next to her rival and foil Risky Boots whose all femme fetale and the terror of the seven seas, being a more belligerent sexy pirate queen. (Bare midriffs are a thing in the games. They were conceptualized in a similar era as Kim Possible).

But Shantae herself is kind and helpful. She's sometimes a bit naive, but she's got a little bit of spunk and a temper. The latter tends to come out with her strong sense of justice against antagonists causing trouble. But she also has a softer inner side where she's questioning if she's good enough, since she is a mixed child, and she looks up to her missing genie mother. Being comfortable with both of her halves is also a theme the series tackles.

And then her best friends are the stubborn, big sister Sky, whose always looking out for Shantae, despite being more than willing to point out her shortcomings. And then there's Rotty Tops, her hyperactive zombie friend(enemy) whose a bit of a trouble maker but also just wants to be accepted and loved. And they have their lovable idiot Bolo who has many wonderful moments in a female heavy series.

It's a fun series and now that we have more half genies, I hope (after the next game), the series can add some more depth to the lore, while maintaining that light hearted quirky tone is developed. Shantae really feels like a "magical girl you get into when you think skirts are too girly" type of thing.

3 months ago

You seem like a captain marvel fan lol

3 months ago

The reason it's more stigmatised for a woman to be sexually adventurous is because women's ability to pair bond gets reduced the more partners she has. Me personally, I think both genders being promiscuous is absolutely disastrous and it's just as bad for both.

Cereza was a virgin for like 600 years. People say she's expressing her sexuality. The only time she expresses her sexuality is in the first game when she says "Do i look like I have any interest in having children? Now making them, that's another story." Or when she says Luka has "bloomed" when they first meet up in Vigrid, when he notices her perfume, and obviously the other times she flirts with or kisses Luka. She mainly expresses her cuteness, sexiness, playful cheekiness, femininity, style, and confidence.

That screenshot of Cereza he sent you was not much different from a female gymnast or divers leotard.

I can't believe people could watch Game of Thrones on TV, but Cereza's hair suit occasionally coming off a bit is too far. Where was the shock when Dante wore a coat open showing his body, or when he was shirtless in the scene where hes trying to eat his pizza?

On Cereza's empathy, she also says "May they all finally know rest" in chapter 12 in France after singularity makes the decreased people dance, in Bayonetta 3. She's genuinely disgusted by how cold and evil he is. There's some other bits like this throughout Bayonetta 3. Morgana remarks on how soft she is in Bayonetta Origins. She wouldn't sacrifice Cheshire even for Lukaon. She even cares for demons, unlike most witches who just see them as wretched tools. If you die fighting Morgana, the game over screen says Morgana and Lukaon live happily ever after. It gives me chills just thinking about how the BAD ENDING of Cereza and Cheshire losing to Morgana is that she gets to live happily with her son.

Im really glad Bayonetta is a mother. I hate when they make a badass woman need to reject motherhood. We get badass dads all the time. Her being a mother only makes her stronger.

I played Nier Automata, but i find Zero from Drakengard 3 a more interesting character than any of the Automata female characters. A2 is the most human and the most interesting of all the androids, but 9S gets way more lines and development that he outshines everybody else. It feels like 90% of the games script is 9S 😅

3 months ago

Are youtubers getting demonetized for saying the word slut now? Jesus what kind of nineteen eighty four shit is this?

3 months ago

I agree with everything you said and I am so happy to see male feminists like you who support women and lift them up and want to see them succeed. It honestly makes me really happy. Though, coming from the East, I feel a bit alienated by sexualising of female characters. I hope you will hear me from and let me explain. I agree that women are so much more than their bodies, their bodies do not make them who they are but their souls. We have our hopes, desires and dreams. Yes some women love being mothers and are fantastic for it, and some women do not wish to be mothers and that is perfectly ok. Some women love to be career orientated and some love home-making. Or they may be a mixture of both. Feminity comes in so many shapes and sizes. Some women prefer to live loud and proud but that does not discredit the importance of soft power. I mean to say that I may not flaunt my body but I let my actions do the talking. I can still be a great doctor (God Willing), I can still write my book, I can still stand up for myself and never let myself be oppressed (God forbid) and I can do all of that with my hijab (head scarf) on. I do not want men to see my body and sexualise me, I am a woman but I am so much more than my body, I have my own independent thoughts and motivations and it doesn't require me to undress myself. I will not judge or villainise women who wish to do so, it is their right and I won't judge them but they should also show consideration for women like me who do wish to cover up. Like I said, I can still reach my dreams God Willing. I do agree with a lot of what you said and it breaks my heart a little that being a feminist really is so difficult. Women really don't have a lot of power and autonomy over their lives. Women who don't fit a mold are very quickly outcasted and it does make me feel sad. But I still try my best and I tell myself that that is society's problem and not mine. God doesn't discriminate against me, the world does. I cover myself to please God, I don't do it because I want the approval of religious men or women, I couldn't care less. Religious people will always tell me to stay in my place and be happy about it, but I refuse. God gave me permission to live my life and I will do just that. I can't get along with everyone, not everyone will agree with me but I don't care. If I have around 10 people who can accept me as I am then that's great for me. One day I hope I can have the power and autonomy and happiness I want. God Willing.

3 months ago

When people are so "pro-feminism" they end up slut-shaming characters that embrace their feminity (and happen to be attractive)… A classic !

3 months ago

I remember finding a video comparing Kratos and bayonetta. How Kratos is relatable and power fantasy and you want to be him while Byonetta was just eye candy. You don't relate to her you ogle her. The way video was written was in a general matter of fact way like the guy was so confident that what he was saying was the truth.
As someone who struggled with body issues i found that video unbeliveable. I never related to Kratos. I just never got into his games, but bayonetta. Playing as someone who is actually confident with their looks while also being a badass. That was the "power" fantasy for me.

3 months ago

Dude I loved this video, cheers!

3 months ago

In the legendary words of Yoko Taro-sama adressing complaints about why female characters are so sexy:
"Because I like girls".

Don't really Know Bayonneta. If I were to pick a great example, I'd chose Velvet Crowe.

3 months ago

Respectfully, your friend is right. Idk know about neir but bayonetta is one… and its mot even from the way she dresses but what she says to the way she moves. Body confidence is one thing but this just looks seductive

3 months ago

I just wish it was okay to make traditionally masculine female characters too. I mean like really traditionally masculine. Not just "nerdy" or normal. Tomboys exist.

3 months ago

God forbid women do anything.

3 months ago

Most of them are just male fantasies lol

3 months ago

Great video! While the 3rd installment of Bayonetta killed my love for the franchise I really appreciated your perspective on it. Also I wished you touched on race as 99% of the examples you gave were white women, I think it's important to recognise the intersectionality of race and femininity. Otherwise keep up the great work

3 months ago

Katara is another inspiring female character <3

3 months ago


3 months ago

Knowing that there are guys like you who understand women more makes me feel more hopeful. I hope to know someone like you someday

3 months ago

Ooh, definitely watching this later!!! Wow! Progressive guy! Doesn't support misogyny like 99% of barbaric boys. I'm leaving a like. Will check this and the channel later!

3 months ago

Cool for calling out your friend for calling Bayonetta a slut. I definitely think it's a shame to slutshame people who show off their bodies and it's especially interesting when you put it into perspective and remember that it was most likely a lot of men, who did the character design for Bayonetta. Yes, in game she uses her body to her advantage and takes pride in it, it's still a very masculine depiction of femininity, tho. Male gaze is a thing. Fan service is a thing.

3 months ago

Crazy thing is that I’m writing a novel and it will go into this.

My main character is 16 and half deviant. For background info and context, in my novel, deviants are paranormal, supernatural or mythical creatures that look and/or resemble humans and of them are humans with animal traits.

My main character, Bellina, is a half deviant. Specifically half human, half demoness. Both deviants and half-deviants are discriminated against humans but especially half-deviants.

Bellina‘s parents got killed when on her 8th birthday and after that, she swore to not only get revenge, but to take down the agency that killed her parents for good, and she all does this while still being feminine.

She's feminine, but she’s smart. She loves knowledge and isn’t afraid to do what she needs to do to accomplish her goal. There’s also the fact that this takes place in an analogue of 1890s Germany and as many of you know, during that time, it wasn’t necessarily a bad time for women, but women and girls were still restricted from a lot of things but especially education.

Now, Bellina is a duchess so she did receive education and in fact, was encouraged by her mom and dad to obtain knowledge on whatever she could find. But, not many men, and even women themselves, liked women with brains and Bellina constantly gets ridiculed for having one with people saying that she'll "never get married" and that "no man would want to be her husband" if she continues to act smart.