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England Lockdown May Threaten Next-Gen Console Release

This has been quite a unique year for the entire world. Thanks to the worldwide health pandemic that was caused by the coronavirus, it’s been a struggle to enjoy our daily routines without making some necessary changes. However, the biggest obstacle some may have to deal with if not directly sick by the virus, several quarantines and lockdowns had happened this year around the world. There’s always the rumor of another lockdown happening which may prompt some wondering what this could mean for certain anticipated dates. For gamers, this is a threat that’s happening right now in England. 

A new lockdown is happening on November 5, 2020, and will last until December 2, 2020. This lockdown will mean that it will happen when the next-gen video game console platforms are hitting the marketplaces this month. However, that doesn’t mean that an entire market is out of luck for the game console releasing. With this lockdown, there are still deliveries available for retailers and consumers can still collect orders. That means if you go ahead and pre-order or purchase a unit fully for either the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X then you can still get the console on time.

Certain retailers are marking down the necessary steps to complete before you’re able to get the consoles on time. For instance, you may find that there are certain schedules available for when you can pick up a console.

Unfortunately, this is going to be quite an unusual year for the video game industry when it comes to the next-generation console releases. Those hoping to step into a store and browse for any additional accessories or video game titles for the next-generation platforms will be out of luck in England. So far that’s the only market right now that looks to be problematic for the next-generation console launches.

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