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Epic Games Store Has Two Free Games Next Week

Valve’s Steam was a digital service that remained without being challenged too much from competitor services. That was until Epic Games brought out its own PC digital marketplace known as Epic Games Store. This company not only had the ability to make their own marketing service, but they had money to back their move to really make a big impact on the PC platform.

Epic Games’ success with the likes of Fortnite has brought in a ton of revenue and with Epic Games Store, they needed an edge to sway some consumers away from Valve’s Steam marketplace. One of the ways they did this has been quite controversial with the PC gaming community. It was found that Epic Games was going out of their way to write up contracts to bring over games onto the Epic Games Store for a duration of time as an exclusive. Normally, these contract deals would guarantee the game to be an Epic Games Store exclusive for at least one year. Afterward, the title would be free to be posted on other competitor digital marketplaces like Steam. 

However, another means that Epic was able to secure some viewers into their digital marketplace is free video game titles. Epic will give out a free game or two and they can range from popular indie titles to massive AAA games. All players have to do is create a free account and redeem the games as they are released for the public. This week we have The Textorcist which can be claimed until November 19, 2020. 

From there we have two video game titles being replaced for players to pick up which is Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door. Both of those video game titles can be claimed to start on November 19, 2020. Although, you can claim a game copy for yourself until November 26, 2020, when the titles will go back to being priced on the Epic Games Store.

Source: Epic Games Store 

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