Epic v Apple judge grapples with the big question: What is a videogame?

Is there any argument more tired than “are videogames art?” Well, how about: “What is a videogame?” Gamers have been arguing about it since day one, with the debate reemerging every time a new trend hits, like “walking sims,” ARGs, or visual novels, to name just a few. Which is why it’s funny (and maybe a little sad) to see the American justice system fail us once again and punting on a legal definition of a “videogame” during Friday’s ruling on the Epic v Apple trial.

California Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers issued her ruling Friday morning, and while Epic “won” on one important count, the judge agreed with Apple on most counts. The exact legal definition of a videogame, however, was largely left up in the air.

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