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ETS2 20 Best Realistic Mods | ETS2 1.50 Mods

Top 20 ETS2 mods


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✅I use Moza TSW Truck Wheel
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✅I use Tobii Eye Tracker 5 for the Interior Movements
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My Setup:
BOARD: Gigabyte Z790 DDR5
CPU: Core i7 13700k
GPU: RTX 3060ti
WHEEL: Moza TSW Steering Wheel
Head Tracker: Tobii Eye Tracker 5
OS: Windows 11
Recording: Nvidia Shadow play

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Mods Links:
Scania 113 H Air Suspension
Volvo FH (FH16 2012) Better Dashboard
BMW M5 F10
Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat
Hella Rallye 3000
Asia Dream map
Street Lamps – With fog
Additional Right Side Camera Screen for Daf 2021
Trees Improved
Waze Navigation
Google Map Navigation
Street Lamps – With fog
Real Company Trailers & Trucks
Realistic Brutal Graphics And Weather
Realistic Rain & Water & Thunder Sounds

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1 month ago

"realistic mods" for non-realistic game, which has no collisions and no damage models 😂😂😂😂 fck this shitty "simulator" which doesn't simulate reality at all😂

1 month ago

Hi,when I downloaded 1.50 it doesn't work offline the roads are black and there is no map why?

1 month ago

Hi I have issue game when loading cargo and company and take long time laod when use EAA map

Is it solved or not yet? Because I see the issue reported in scs forum

1 month ago

there are how many files to put for the dream of Asia that I have downloaded all the mods and the problem is that it does not display the map and I am still stuck in Turkey for example I do not see the MAP in Armenia

1 month ago

how to change the content in services area in the volvo dashboard like 4:30

1 month ago

Now it's Euro Car Simulator, there are more car mods than truck mods. What a pity!

1 month ago

I think ETS2 misses a lot of trucks, ATS i have like 15 different truck mods, in est2 i used to have a lot, but now it seems there is nothing…

1 month ago

Good ❤❤❤

1 month ago

Wheres the mod for real traffic density? 6:09

1 month ago

BMW F10 Turkish Stylee 😉

1 month ago

Почему сами разработчики не могут этого сделать?

1 month ago

Which mod do you use to make the map on menu colored? Like 2:27

1 month ago

When will the hotfix come because iam still playing in 1.49 because 1.50 has a lot of bugs in it

1 month ago

I love your video Vutomy

1 month ago

Дякую за відео
А можна мод Realistic на ATS ?

1 month ago

Hey 😊👋 what's the latest new about the upcoming RENAULT E-TRUCK haven't heard about it for so long
Anything new??❤

1 month ago

The Asia Dream Map, what dlcs does it require?

1 month ago

is asia dream map a standalone map

1 month ago

Some very good mods here! Thanks for putting them together.

1 month ago

Need one of these for ats mate. Hope you make one soon

1 month ago

please we will be waiting for the tutorials of the map combos,thnkx alot for ur videos

1 month ago

First yay not joking