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Every Pokemon Confirmed For Lapis Lakeside

Pokemon Sleep features a plethora of different islands. Each island provides players with a unique challenge, which helps to keep things fresh. Aside from Greengrass Isle, all subsequent islands have to be unlocked. This can be done by researching a certain number of Sleep Styles.




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Lapis Lakeside is the fifth island in Pokemon Sleep, which makes it one of the more challenging places. This particular island features three different species of Pokemon, some of which possess good Main and Sub Skills, making them extremely useful for all kinds of teams.

3 Stufful Line

​​​​​​Stufful and its evolution, Bewear, are among the better ingredient gathering Pokemon in the game. They are a great choice for those who cannot find a Delibird or a Dratini. If players can befriend a good Stufful, it can actually be a great help on Lapis Lakeside. Since both Pokemon are ingredients specialists, it is important for them to have Sub Skills that would enable them to perform the best. Players should try to get a hold of a Stufful with the following Sub Skills:

  • Ingredient finding S/M
  • Helping speed S/M
  • Inventory Up S/M/L


Stufful can be found rather easily on Lapis Lakeside. It is unlocked as early as Basic 1. This Pokemon can be evolved once it reaches level 20, so players won’t have to wait too long to get their very own Bewear.


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Bewear is the evolved form of Stufful. It is a good option for players who want an ingredients specialist Pokemon for Lapis Lakeside. If players manage to get a Bewear with Berry Finding S, it will improve the overall berry output for the week.

2 Dratini Line

This is one of the best, if not the best, Pokemon lines in the game. The Dratini Line consists of three Pokemon: Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. All these Pokemon can only be found on Lapis Lakeside during Sleep Research. Dratini is unlocked very early on, but its two evolutions only appear at higher ranks. Dratini can gather these ingredients:

  • Pure Oil
  • Greengrass Corn
  • Fiery Herb

The best nature for every Pokemon within this line is Rash or Quiet.


Players who want to have the strongest possible Dragonite can do so only after they find a Dratini that has good Sub Skills and a suitable nature. As players evolve the Pokemon, its Main Skill level goes up. By the time it has become Dragonite, the Pokemon will have level three Main Skill, allowing it to recover 21 energy for every successful trigger. By using this method, players will be able to save their Main Skill Seeds.


Dragonair is the first evolution of Dratini. Players can evolve the latter once it has reached level 23, and they have 40 Dratini candies. Once the Pokemon reaches the second stage, its helping speed and inventory size will increase. Both of these are crucial for gathering ingredients as quickly as possible. Also, players will unlock the second Sub Skill and ingredient at levels 25 and 30, respectively.


Pokemon Sleep: 7 Best Skills Specialists, Ranked

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Dragonite is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon that can either be obtained by evolving a Dragonair or by befriending one during Sleep Research. Players can evolve their Dragonair by using 100 Dratini candies once it reaches level 41. The Pokemon will only appear during Sleep Research when players reach a rank of Master 6. Dragonite is arguably the best ingredients specialist in the game. It can forage for ingredients at a very quick pace. Additionally, it can collect Yache Berries, which are one of the stronger berries in the game.

1 Ralts Line

Ralts and its evolutions are an excellent addition to the game. Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, and Gallade are Skills Specialists. The first three have Energy For Everyone S Main Skill, and every successful trigger helps the entire team recover energy. This particular Main Skill is highly valuable, as increased energy levels ensure that the Helper Pokemon are collecting berries and ingredients at a fast rate.


Ralts is a Psychic-type Pokemon that has two final evolutions. If it is a female, players can make Ralts evolve into Gardevoir, which is also Psychic-type. However, it can be turned into a Gallade, provided it is male. Since it is a Skills Specialist, it is important to evolve as quickly as possible. The best Sub Skills for Ralts are:

  • Skill Trigger M
  • Skill Trigger S
  • Skill Level Up M
  • Helping Speed

Furthermore, a nature that boosts Main Skill trigger chance is best suited for Ralts.


Kirlia is the first evolution of Ralts. It has a better base frequency, a larger inventory, and a better chance of triggering its Main Skill. This is why players shouldn’t wait too long to evolve their Ralts.


As previously stated, there are two final evolutions of Ralts, but players should always opt to evolve into a Gardevoir. The reason is very simple: Gardevoir is the best Skills Specialist in Pokemon Sleep. Gardevoir triggers its Main Skills more frequently than a Wigglytuff. Therefore, it is better to put Gardevoir on the team.


In order to obtain a Gallade, players need to find a male Ralts. When they evolve it into Kirlia, the next step is to get a Dawn Stone and 80 Ralts Candies. It is important to remember that the evolution will only happen when Kirlia is at level 23. Gallade is not as good as Gardevoir in the earlier stages of the game, but it shines once players have obtained several strong Pokemon. Gallade’s Extra Helpful S gets players instant help from their Pokemon. So, a stronger Pokemon will benefit from it more.

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July 17, 2023

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