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Every Rainbow Six Siege Operator Face Reveal (2023)

Here is EVERY Operator’s Official face reveal in Rainbow Six Siege as of Operation Dread factor Y8S2! Be sure to Subscribe and like for more!


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13 days ago

You can literally see his face at 8:37

13 days ago

Nokk bad asf goddamn

13 days ago

Nukk side boob reveal

13 days ago

Animated not anime

13 days ago

It is said that if Jager takes off his helmet we would all become gay, so for the good of everyone it will not happen.

Edit: a little fact… we can clearly see jager's eyes with some helmets that you can use in rainbow six extraxtion

13 days ago

Nokk looks like a goth mommy

13 days ago

with Jager, mute and vigil the fact you don't see there face is kinda their thing, it wouldn't make sense to show their faces , i'd be disappointed to see their faces.

13 days ago

Everyone pronounced Montange different. Let me correct. Its not "montanya" its like mountain. Mow-und-tang" mount-ang"

13 days ago

Is there anyway to get these older skins

13 days ago

How come doc had blue eyes, and is different in the operator video than how he looks now

13 days ago

I actually have a headgear which shows vigils face, it came during y8s4 i think

13 days ago

I hope if we finally get unmasked cosmetics for characters like Solis and Nøkk, they don’t fuck up the face models. I’d be fine with never seeing their faces in-game tho, Nøkk especially, it fits the character.

13 days ago

Tachanka with an Ivan Drago elite would go crazy

13 days ago

Dont See the Proof for montange and Bandit in the Screenshots

13 days ago

Ace looks like cody rhodess with that headgear on

13 days ago

Echo canonically looks exactly like Majima and has the goatee

13 days ago

fuze looks like shrek on his human form

13 days ago

Jäger is not only the last unmasked path finding operator,
But he might just very well be the only unmasked operator period.
( minus nøkk and recruit and super new ops if you even count that, all the new ops usually get unmasked with epic skin months after release anyway )

This always made no sense to me, why? because Ubisoft would have made a lot more money if they revealed Jager, and kept smokes face Covered
( this all makes sense especially when you take into consideration that “mystery” is sort of smokes whole schtick )

I haven’t played R6 for a WHILE, but I bet the hardcore Tom Clancy fans out their are dying to know what Jäger looks like, he’s been in the game since it’s release eight years ago in twenty fifteen.

That’s nearly a whole fuckin decade, It’s almost funny at this point.

P.s. Techanka has had his face revealed a couple times in siege cinematic videos.

13 days ago

What game mode are you playing?

13 days ago

Where can I find those conceptual arts like Doc's (4:28)? I would like to see if Flores has one

13 days ago

Fuze looks good tho!

13 days ago

We need the actual Nokk face skin

13 days ago

you can see more of the faces of ash, blitz and frost on the arknights video game 🙂
granted, the design is "anime-ised" but I think that's pretty cool

13 days ago

Isn't Fuze supposed to be asian? He kinda don't really look asian here

13 days ago

Next Halloween they should release a mute bundle with his mask off but his mouth sewed up so that he’s still mute. That’d be cool

13 days ago

The closest we have to a jager face reveal is his skeleton head piece 💀

13 days ago

docs trailer 🙁