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Every Record and Tradition GTA 6 Has Already Broken


  • GTA 6 is already breaking records with the most-liked tweet in the history of Twitter and the most viewed video game reveal on YouTube in 24 hours.
  • The game’s new protagonist, Lucia, marks a significant break in tradition for the franchise, as she is the first female lead character in GTA history.
  • GTA 6 promises a more mature storyline while still incorporating the satire the franchise is known for, and it is likely to bring other significant changes and improvements to the series.



There may be an entire year’s wait ahead until the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, but the next game in the franchise is already breaking both tradition and records. It’s no secret that GTA 6 is now the most anticipated game of 2025, and with that excitement comes an intense wave of hype from the franchise’s fans. Thanks to this hype, GTA 6 is already paving the way to be the biggest hit in the history of the long-running series.

One of the reasons behind such major excitement for GTA 6 is that it’s now been 10 years since the release of GTA 5. In that span of time, the popularity of the GTA franchise has skyrocketed. Rockstar’s most recent release was 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2, and its mind-blowing graphics and gameplay have made fans incredibly excited to see what GTA 6 will do better than its 2013 predecessor. Fans finally got an answer with the game’s first trailer and official announcement back in December, and it’s promising to be a major upgrade.


Why GTA 6 is the Perfect Time to Lock In a Red Dead Redemption Connection

Connections between GTA and Red Dead have often been hinted at in various games of the past, but GTA 6 marks an opportunity to take things further.

GTA 6 Is Breaking Records Along With Franchise Traditions

Not only has GTA 6 already broken some impressive records, but the franchise’s own traditions are being broken in ways that are promising a compelling evolution for the series. From the confirmed changes in the franchise’s direction to rumors of GTA 6‘s story, Rockstar has made it clear from the game’s trailer that GTA is headed in a new direction.

A Record Breaking Twitter Announcement

The first record to be broken comes from the tweet announcing GTA 6‘s trailer reveal. Rockstar’s tweet teasing the upcoming release of GTA 6‘s long-awaited trailer garnered a staggering 1.8 million likes within just 24 hours. This made Rockstar’s tweet the most-liked game-related tweet in the entire history of Twitter, giving a perfect example of just how excited fans are about its release.

GTA 6’s YouTube Milestones

The tweet teasing the release of GTA 6‘s first trailer filled fans with hype, leaving many to anticipate the release of the first look at the game on YouTube. It goes without saying that the announcement trailer was a massive hit. Although a leaked copy of the trailer being posted online caused Rockstar to post the official trailer a day early, GTA 6‘s first trailer destroyed several YouTube records.

The detail-filled GTA 6 trailer broke three Guinness World Records in an impressively short amount of time. The massive hype generated from Rockstar’s tweet had eager gamers ready for the reveal, and the enthusiasm of these fans has already made GTA 6 a record breaker.

  • Most viewed video game reveal on YouTube in 24 hours with 90,421,491 views
  • Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours (non-music)
  • Most liked video game trailer on YouTube with 8.9 million likes in 24 hours.

How Rockstar is Breaking GTA Game Traditions

grand theft auto 6 lucia ankle monitor

One of the biggest breaks in tradition for GTA 6 is found in its new protagonist, Lucia. For the first time in the franchise’s history, GTA 6 will star a female protagonist, and that’s incredibly exciting. Based on the first glimpses of Lucia and her partner Jason in the trailer, it seems that GTA 6‘s approach to a Bonnie and Clyde story will present a dynamic never before seen in the series.

The short announcement trailer suggests that GTA 6 is going down a more mature route with its story while still embracing the satire the franchise is known for. This demonstrates the evolution of the series and how far it has come since the first game’s release. From a bigger map to more lifelike environments, it’s clear that GTA 6 is going to be a game changer for the long-running franchise, and it’s on the path to breaking more traditions and even more records when it finally releases next year.


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