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Everything Announced at Summer Game Fest 2024

Geoff Keighly took the stage yet again to deliver a batch of looks at some highly anticipated games as well as some fresh looks at games never seen before.

From a Lego iteration of PlayStation’s Horizon series, to a Quidditch game set within the world of Harry Potter, here is everything announced at Geoff Keighly’s Summer Game Fest 2024.


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1 day ago

Thanks IGN, we can always count on you to deliver the lowest possible effort compilations

1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

The AAA game industry continues its downward spiral and I'm all for it.

1 day ago

Hey everyone – Gamespot has a video that actually has timestamps and doesn't slap annoying audio over it
– cheers ^^

1 day ago

Gaming is basically dead, the industry killed it. Only unique game I've played lately has been Hades and Hi-Fi Rush. Too many devs trying to chase fads or wanting to put their hyper specific skin on an existing concept.

1 day ago

looking great!

1 day ago

Ign gets nothing right

1 day ago

Can some one please get fired. Why the music.

1 day ago

Looks like a disappointing year to me.

1 day ago

Darker than dark there was blood coming out of the skellys.

1 day ago

Sony is crap

1 day ago

These look horrible and oddly the same

1 day ago

Legends of dragoon ×10!

1 day ago

Couldnt have given us the original audio? This was like watching a long tiktok

1 day ago

5:20 background song name

1 day ago

" It's all slop… the gaming industry is ruined… "
" OMG Killer Bean hiiii !1!!! "

1 day ago

The music was ok, why so much hate?

1 day ago

This all feels old

1 day ago

Ps5 is a terrible console

1 day ago

No timestamps???

1 day ago

Where is the video of the ign cast talking about yhe summer of games sbow?

1 day ago

IGN is such a shitty game news organization!