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Exclusive: Get A Closer Look At Double Dragon Gaiden’s DLC Fighters In New Images

We are mere days away from the release of Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons‘ ‘Sacred Reunion’ DLC on 4th April, which is set to add new online co-op, game modes, characters and arenas to 2023’s pixel art beat ’em up.

In the run-up to the expansion’s release, developer Secret Base and publisher Maximum Games have revealed some brand-new screenshots which show some of the fresh fighters and locations in action — including a closer look at the two recently revealed DLC fighters: Sonny Lee and Chin Sei Mei.

Lee first appeared as the P3 option in the arcade version of Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone, while Chin Sei Mei made his series debut in the NES port of Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones. You can catch the former’s bruised face and yellow vest and the latter’s Iron Claw weapon alongside another look at the third DLC fighter, Ranzou, in the new images below.

You will be able to put all three of these new fighters through their paces in the DLC’s additional Survival Mode or use them to team up with a pal in online co-op.

You can find a reminder of what we made of the Rise of the Dragons base game in our full review below.

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