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EXPEDITIONS: A MudRunner Game FIRST LOOK! NEW Environments, Vehicles, Equipment & MORE!

EXPEDITIONS: A MudRunner Game FIRST LOOK! NEW Environments, Vehicles, Equipment & MORE! | TC9700Gaming
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Welcome to our very first look at Expeditions: A MudRunner Game! This reveal trailer shows us our first look at gameplay as well as some of the new features! (All gameplay in this video was recorded in SnowRunner using mods) #tc9700gaming #mudrunner #snowrunner

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18 days ago

Heads up y'all! More info has surfaced about this game since I posted this video! For updated info, please check out some of the latest videos over on my channel

18 days ago

The breaking bad camper 0:33

18 days ago

Hope they have the ALL MARKET STEERING WHEEL COMPATIBILITY….. not like the other versions… for f sake

18 days ago

Snow runner got boring in a week so I’ll pass maybe get it on sale one day.

18 days ago

03/05/2024 ON EPIC

18 days ago


18 days ago

i just hope they fix the painful mud and 2mph everywhere. I get it they have to make some tough spots, but in single player and going back and forth to get new vehicle to help out the stuck vehicle and then wrecking that vehicle and have to get another truck to get the other two out….. you get the picture. And warping back to the garage when you get stuck and starting over drove me away from snow runner. like can we get a slider for the mud or something?

18 days ago

The logitech g920 better work with this game on xbox

18 days ago


18 days ago

Im definitely buying it

18 days ago

Will this support wheel?

18 days ago


18 days ago

You know nothing

18 days ago

All their games was really good and quality was amazing, i hope they wont ruin their franchise with a bad game, the trailer didnt impressed me but i hope my opinion will change when the game is out

18 days ago

I want trucks

18 days ago

it seems like this is as real as it gets, I hoped the rope would interact with the environment like in the last of us, it’s something u rely on most of the times so It makes sense to improve, imagine planning on how to winch urself uphill or thru some mud using real rope physics roping it around trees to get better angles to pull your load.

Instead we get a new winch that we could use in any surface to support it, so yes to new places to explore, and new anchor looks op in my opinion

18 days ago

I'm a sideliner till I see it's worth it.

18 days ago

It seems, like the video is made by neuronet, because the man don't have necessity to speak with such high speed! Why do you rushing your speech? It's so annoying…

18 days ago

I just heard skill-up mention this game so i instantly looked on YouTube and your video came up 1st. I never played mudrunner but i did play snowrunner for hundreds of hours! and loved it. Im buying this game day 1

18 days ago

@TC9700Gaming what map is that you are running and is it on PlayStation?

18 days ago

What if the Anchor is for coming down? high cliff faces what you need to climb down!

18 days ago


18 days ago

WITH NO PHYSICS AND TRACKTΔ°ON as spintires WHICH IS THE HEART OF THE OFFROAD GAME, adding unccessary shit for retards instead of fixing core of it and let it promoted how great it is gonna be by paid youtubers just talking for money. LOOKS AWESOME.

18 days ago

Will it have a Manual gearbox with H shifter? Snowrunner was a huge turn off because of no manual transmission.

18 days ago

gta 6 driving physics better be like this game otherwise i will not play it (probably wont cuz im broke lol)

18 days ago

Those anchor points look like resources you can take and use as needed. Based on your build u only have so many to use. Like spare tires.

18 days ago

Super stoked about this for several reasons.. however the graphics πŸ€”.. look nearly identical to snowruner. Too many devs REFUSING to release NEXT GEN titles. Stop putting NEW games on PS4 for GREED πŸ‘Ž

18 days ago

Anchor is for when you don't have a tree to tie your winch around

18 days ago

Stoked! Hope they fixed them stiff frames from snowrunner, gotta have that twist

18 days ago

I hope they add more information about the vehicles. Like weight and top speed. If we have a deoth meter I do not see why not. And also if we have a depth meter we should also have a working horns. I'd also like to see the automatic gearbox work better not switching from 5/8 to 1/8 when it is unnecessary.

18 days ago

I'm so excited for its release.

I've been looking for similar offroad driving simulators like Snowrunner for a while now on Steam, but they're not that common. I'm still playing through Snowrunner but looking for something to flip flop between the two. Every now and then I do need a break from Snowrunner and play something that has a similar offroad aspect but has different styled missions.

Either the offroad games I looked at had more competitive racing aspects, or the games are focused more on pavement orientated highway trucks like ATS/ETS, not my cup of tea. I've thought about getting Mudrunner also, but it seems very bland to me when it comes to mission variety, map location design and again logging missions (need a break from those.)

18 days ago

Even if it was just a reskin, there is so few of this type of game I'm cool with it.
As long as there is still mud and some really cool mountain vista's to view from..

18 days ago

Will it have body flex?

18 days ago

SnowRuner + DeathStranding
(If you know, you know)

18 days ago

I had hoped that one could walk around the area. Knee-deep in mud, trying to set up a sail to get the truck out. Or just strolling through the camp and taking on tasks.

18 days ago

I was really excited until I realized it was based in a ugly desert

18 days ago

i swear to go if we cant use snatch blocks or double winch im going to be so mad

18 days ago

Just bring back the realism from mudrunner!!

18 days ago

I want it but am going to wait till after launch and there is plenty of info out to make a better decision as per protocol for all new games.