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explore game franchises & check other games in the series

You can now easily navigate to other installments in your favorite game series!

Say, you enjoy the Devil May Cry series. You’re on the Devil May Cry 5 page, and you want to check the prices of other games in the series (DMC4, DMC3, etc.). From now on, you can use the dedicated “franchise” section on the game page that provides links to other games in the series!

The section is sorted by the most recent releases first and provides a quick overview for of all games in the same game series. Should you need more details, we have also prepared a dedicated page for each supported game series!

Game series page on

We’ve prepared a new detailed view for each supported game franchise. For example, you can explore Call Of Duty series, Assassin’s Creed series, and more!

Here are some of the useful features of the new franchise page:

  • You can check how many games and DLCs are related to each franchise
  • You can see how many of these games are on your wishlist / collection
  • You can sort the games in the series by their release dates, price, popularity, and more

The list of all supported franchises

We have also designed a compact list of all game franchises currently available on It includes over 200 game series and will be frequently updated!

You can access this page from the main menu. If you see any notable game series missing, just let us know in the comments section or on the community forum, and we will add the missing franchise to our database!

Let us know if you find the new pages useful and how we can improve the newly implemented features. The comments section is all yours!

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