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F1® 23 | Official Gameplay Features Deep Dive

Check out the first F1® 23 Deep Dive, narrated by Sky Sports F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham. Get more information on F1® 23’s updated vehicle physics and handling, the return of red flags, and the authentic recreations of the Las Vegas and Qatar grands prix.

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F1® 23 arrives on June 16, 2023 for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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6 months ago

Is Russia track available?

6 months ago

I’m having an issue where if you use flashback while others are in the pits, when you’ve flashed back it puts them on the main straight and they are stationary……

6 months ago

Really annoying as you seem unable to beat f2 cars at Monza or Silverstone. I've played every game for F1, it looks great but that bug is bad

6 months ago

Liczyłem na to że w F1 23 będą Kaśki tworzone przez moderow tak jak jest to w moto gp. Szkoda wielka szkoda

6 months ago

I really can't add AI in the leagues? 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻 stupid decision. you have gone backwards with racenet

6 months ago


6 months ago

Needs PSVR2 support asap.

6 months ago

Where is WRC 23 Rally?

6 months ago

Trackir compatible with F1 2023?

6 months ago

How come EA Play says that you get a 10 hour free trial before you spend ages downloading the game yet when you start it up you only actually get 5 hours?

6 months ago

F1 23 is definitely one of the best f1 game since f1 2020. Especially the handling and engine sound is definitely improvement from f1 2022. Keep it up EA.

6 months ago

Okay, so maybe I'm just ill-informed, but when you're playing driver career mode, your contract ends one race before the season. So if you want to sign with a new team you'll immediately lose the constructor's championship. Championship. Is there a way to amend this so that you can finish out the season with the team you started with?

6 months ago

My Melody is invited to open a gift shop at Big Adventures Park, she invites Hello Kitty and friends—including you!

6 months ago

I hate that monaco track so difficult to race on

6 months ago

please tell me im doing something wrong. ps4 version digital download is crashing like crazy. in tt mode and online racing. crashes all the time.

6 months ago

F1 23 is 9.5/10.

6 months ago

Having played both back to back now, I prefer 22. The cars feel more connected to the road. 23 is back to that shopping trolly vibe.

6 months ago

Those improvements looks nice, but the price… R$360 (in Brasil) that's almost 30% of our minimum wage 🤡

6 months ago

I have been buying F1 on ps4 console since 2017 and never bought again. I have been quite disappointed in recent years by the performance of the F1 game. I hope EA SPORTS will compensate us this year_ Let's see!!

6 months ago

No changes to career mode for the 2nd year in a row? L

6 months ago

How on earth is 35% race length a main feature??? That's how you know this is a copy + paste. Typical EA.

6 months ago

Why does the word "tuning" sound same for every f1 game review year by year

6 months ago

They should fade the Middle Strip of the car when in Cockpit View just like GT7 because its really annoying when driving it gets in your eyes.

6 months ago

Red Bull Racing Performance 101 👍

6 months ago

fixed NPC straight line speeds?

6 months ago

During the red flag do we have to change tires?

6 months ago

I didn't try f1 because Im on pad, maybe this one will be better for it

6 months ago

KOREAN Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

6 months ago

Is this game cross platform anyone ?

6 months ago

Tic tac ⏱ can't wait 7days 2hrs 20 min 😅give me now please 🙏

6 months ago

i spose you need a steering wheel setup to be competitive?

6 months ago

I want it to be realistic I want to be able to walk the pits first person and touch the opponents cars and get a 50grand fine for doing so

6 months ago

PSVR2 support please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

6 months ago

hope the acceleration is fixed and im not falling behind on straights massively like the last game

6 months ago

PLEASE PUT THIS ON PSVR2. The hardware is literally begging for it!!

6 months ago

Hello EA!! The game is sensational, I think this time you got it 100% right, the cars, lighting, the details on the tires… Very good!!! Now what you have to improve are the colors of the cars that are too shiny and in reality some cars have matte colors like Mercedes, RedBull, Ferrari, Mclaren… I hope they fix this and the game will be even more realistic. Anyway, here is my constructive criticism. Thanks in advance.

6 months ago


6 months ago

Hope you'll edit calendar customization for the next game.

6 months ago

Does f1 23 have career mode like f1 22 or is it replaced by braking point 2? And is red flags in online and offline?

6 months ago

They should of let the Gran Turismo team make this..

6 months ago

EA, pls contract Sérgio Maurício and Reginaldo Leme as brazilian commentators. like this comment to get to EA