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F1 24 Official Career Mode Deep Dive

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Be One of the 20 with EA SPORTS™ F1®️ 24 and Unleash Your Champion in Driver Career Mode.

Driver Career Reimagined: For the first time ever, choose to step into the shoes of your favorite drivers, past and present.

Build Recognition: Develop the stories of legends of F1 such as Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, or forge your own legacy and climb through the ranks from Formula 2.

New Gameplay Rooted in F1: Negotiate your contract in secret meetings, complete realtime objectives set by your engineers, and battle in multi-season rivalries throughout the grid.

Introducing Challenge Career: Discover a new way to enjoy Career mode, new episodes released at regular intervals, with fans voting to determine the format and content of the next one.

Reworked Two-Player Career: Race with or compete against a friend in the reimagined Two-Player Career, rebuilt from the ground up to encompass all the changes made in Driver Career.

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F1® 23 players can jump into Time Trial challenges using the all-new Alpine, Haas, McLaren, and Williams 2024 team cars by pre-ordering F1® 24 Champions Edition by May 1.

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1 month ago

Watch the official F1 24 Career Mode Deep Dive on April 25. Pre-order now for 3 days early access and exclusive content:

1 month ago

Are the classic cars back?

1 month ago

What’s the point of playing career mode the AI still not fixed, not playable until you guys fix the AI not fun and take out the super cars add classic F1 cars.

1 month ago

Incredible how few changes are added each year now. It’s really disappointing

1 month ago

The R&D challenges are absolute bs. Why come up with these punishments/hurdles instead of doing the opposite. “You hired Adrian Newey – Aeoro upgrades are 20% more effective “

1 month ago

Ship Shortage & Inflation but the cars driving behavior is still far from realistic.

1 month ago

0:19 what in the Playstation 2 is this?

1 month ago

so expensive…😂😂

1 month ago

What's the point, develop a new engine, this has now become a joke , f123 with new skins , not woth the currency

1 month ago

Is Vettel in icon drivers?

1 month ago

Ah yes F1 2016 part 8….. It's no different. It's embarrassing that you're trying to make this as something "new"

1 month ago

If only FC 25 could be like this

1 month ago

is there splitscreen career

1 month ago

why is yuki tall

1 month ago

F1 23 looks better

1 month ago

That's it?

1 month ago

I assume that 2 players career again is only for online players and not for local in splitscreen? SO I STILL can not play career together with my son on my television? its hard to understand why not implementing 2 player local split screen career or at least a session of multiple races that can be saved for continuing later…. 🙁 🙁

1 month ago

so… just download f123 mods and save $60

1 month ago

0:42 that's ferarri's 2023 race suit, I hope they change that for the final release

1 month ago

Looks great 👍👍

1 month ago

So 2024 F2 cars are not in the game?

1 month ago

Bring back the ability to drive older cars not just older drivers

1 month ago

They shamelessly sell the same copy&paste game with minor changes every year.

1 month ago

Faltan muchísimos detalles que mejorar. Se apuraron en desarrollar el juego????

1 month ago

The fact they are trying to push the pre-order so much that it will give you 2024 liveries for the 2023 GAME…. that tells you everything you need to know about their own trust in this game, lmao. It's exactly the same stuff again. Weren't we more or less promised a game engine overhaul for this year? Ah whatever. I gave up on this after F122, what a mess it's become. Such a shame.

1 month ago

Am excited to play this with my dad

1 month ago

0:42 why is Schumacher wearing a 2023 suit?

1 month ago

it was all so realistic until i saw lando norris taking the higher position on the podium

1 month ago

PSVR2 please

1 month ago

Will there be a multiplayer career mode. Would love to do a raffle with friends for teams and let the team develop the car

1 month ago

Revamp rhe damn trees, theyve been the same since f1 2018

1 month ago

Est-ce que il sera sur Xbox pass cloud game

1 month ago

Super unrealistic. Should be Max winning every race no?

1 month ago

Classic tracks please, at least those that were already made by Codemasters. Some polished textures, some AI driving tweaks, done. Hockenheim, Nürburgring, Sepang, Magny-Cours etc. So you can make your own custom season after the first one and rotate tracks between the years to keep things fresh.

1 month ago

Why can we not have at least 4 player career mode? Surely this would be something to look into??

1 month ago

só acho que os roncos dos carros deveriam ser melhores, principalmente no modo replay.

1 month ago

bellissimo un gioco fantastico davvero epico !

1 month ago

If the base game is rubbish why should I care about career? Useless damage model, raindrops that stick for ever on chassis, no physics calculation for AI, AI drive on rails, fake aerodynamics calculations, no cfd calculation, changing the wing angle does not change wing model… And so on

1 month ago

0:23 YUKI?? LOL

1 month ago

will there also be a story part like in f1 21 or is in the single career mode enough story included? any thougts?

1 month ago

So nothing important really changed.
Same GUI, same hud,. same carrer mechanics,…

1 month ago

1 star, unrealistic. Saw Norris win a grand prix.

1 month ago

Anyone else here for the backlash comments. Another year and I’m beginning to feel really let down! I’ll keep my money this year. F1 manager 2024 has over taken you as the leading f1 game, as they listen to their community.

1 month ago

Why are the Ferraris and Red Bulls shinyyy. For 3 years they've been matte but for some reason you like to make them metallic. Something so simple to see yet you can't get it right.

1 month ago

Who came here after @S2G post

1 month ago

*9th world title

1 month ago

It’s about time to use another game engine this doesn’t look like a new 2024 full priced game for next gen consoles

1 month ago

A bunch of stuff we didn’t need 😂😂 like why

1 month ago

3:16 Hockeinheim in the background lets go!!!

1 month ago

I've have pre ordered f1 24 standard edition