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F1 24 Official Gameplay Deep Dive

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Be One of the 20 with EA SPORTS™ F1®️ 24 and experience all-new gameplay innovations true to the world of F1®.

Suspension Kinematics: Get ready for an all-new suspension physics system that expands the F1® car physics tech to better replicate real world behavior.

Updated Tyre Model: Immerse yourself further thanks to more realistic tyre and suspension changes. Tyre heat and wear is also more authentic.

Improved Aerodynamic Model: Feel the force of your car as wing angles and ride height now have a greater impact on downforce and drag.

New Power Unit Settings: Just like in real-life, you now have more control over the mode and performance of your engine.

More Player Agency: Get more control of your driving style, strategy, and performance thanks to updated car setup options.

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F1® 23 players can jump into Time Trial challenges using the all-new Alpine, Haas, McLaren, and Williams 2024 team cars by pre-ordering F1® 24 Champions Edition by May 1.

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1 month ago

Still no fading halo bar so you still can't see anything ahead of you forcing you to play in the roof cam…
Still no TV style UI halo wrap round…

1 month ago

How about damage models? Can you completely destroy the car yet or no?

1 month ago

for me just marketing. The final game is then 1:1 same like F1 23. 😀 The FFB Effects are still horrible in F1 Games. Road Effects, Bump Effects, completely dead. Feels like Driving on ice. Play AMS2, iRacing or another Sims to learn how to create great FFB Effects and realistic cars physics.

1 month ago

I'd like to see future versions of F1 include the following:

* Career mode: more than 2 players in career mode. League with more than 2 players is good, however it doesn't add the complexities of R&D and keeping your contract like career mode does. The practice sessions in career are much better as you actually have to reach targets in preparation for your quali sessions and race.

* Livery Mods: it would be great if you could create your own custom liveries in game on PC and console versions. The liveries in game are limited and it appears that if you have a PC version (Steam) you are able to add a personalised livery into the folders. It would be great if this feature was available on XBox / PS5.

1 month ago

i want 2 player my team career and i want to have more immersion in career mode.. i wonder if this is going to be done sometime in the future

1 month ago

around 1:10 you can really see all the textures shine… wow.

1 month ago

Ypi guys need to upgrade the cameras following the cars in spectator mode and make them more shaky. This smoothness is so unrealistic

1 month ago

Hey guys, do you know there's a game that has all of these "new features" called assetto Corsa.

1 month ago


1 month ago

With simulators such as Assetto Corsa and iRacing becoming more and more popular…The simcade community is starting to step their game up… literally. I'm all for it. We sim racers want as closely to the real driving experience as possible

1 month ago

I feel like I've seen this a few times already. They say the same thing with every new F1 game

1 month ago

😂😂😂 still releasing on last gen PS4! No thanks

1 month ago

It's a reskin game

1 month ago

Nice set of patch notes here

1 month ago

Je vais l'acheter comme chaque année car je suis fan de F1. Par contre, déçu de l'affichage du volant qui n'évolue pas et n'est pas très réaliste car c'est le même affichage pour toutes les voitures différentes.

1 month ago

How much did you pay those testers to say good things about the game 😂

1 month ago

F1 is the new FIFA

1 month ago

This is a new F1 23 DLC??

1 month ago

Just hilarious how whiny kids here bark about annually relases not being a completely different game all the time 😂😂
Touch some gras, kiddos

1 month ago

Too bad the rendering of grass suck the same as in 2023 by the looks of it. Look at the grass around 3:40 mark appearing. That's unacceptable in modern games imo. Remember driving on tracks in 2023 on PS5 and the grass starts appearing in front of me as I go, instead of already being there. Distracted my driving to be honest lol.

1 month ago

This shouldn't be a yearly release. Make an F1 game and then update it for 5 years.
Maybe with a DLC for each new season.

1 month ago

Basically you added nothing but changed a few values to change the cars performance 😮

1 month ago

I hate tiedmaduk or whatever tf hes called

1 month ago

I watched it, wasted 5 minutes. Minor update of 23, not worth buying.

1 month ago

Why are all the steering wheels the same?

1 month ago

Does this finally mean they listened to Max’s comments on the Formula series? 😂😂😂

1 month ago

Has anyone told the devs that computers have a mouse?

1 month ago

Wake up babe, new Codemasters 1-year-lifespan regular F1 slop just dropped

1 month ago

Make that onboard view with fish eye effect like in real life TV broadcast. Atleast give us the option.

1 month ago

9 year old ego engine 🙄

1 month ago

all sounds good and such but can we make it a 30 dollar upgrade instead of 70 dollars for what we should of had in the last game

1 month ago

All good and well, important updates to the car's handling etc, but what about the AI. Are they still going to try and take you out at every corner? Or are they actually going to respond more realistically and avoid incidents where you have the right of way according to F1 rules?

1 month ago

Guys all these new technologies are fake , like their is absolutely nothing like that in the game. , they tweaked the handling that’s it , nothing revolutionary like they pretend they did lmao 🤣
How about you change the shaders and textures , updates the tracks and sounds to match real life more ? You can’t be updating liveries every year and think you can away with it ?
You have to take risks and add real change in the game or you’ll go bankrupt.

1 month ago

No one word about damage model…Fantastic !!!

1 month ago

Whats new…

1 month ago

Good luck selling your game while you still haven't fixed F1 23's bugs.

Do you realize that the new things are not new? Dirty air was present in F1 21. Battery management in F1 2018 was more comprehensive. And otherwise the slow motion video, we don't see the "so-called" behavior of the suspensions. To me, the video is not credible. It's a shame.

1 month ago

What happened to the damage model showcased with F1 2022?

1 month ago

…."but the fish have their own AI"… F**k your reskin… again.. 11 year old engine

1 month ago

These paid reviewers should be ashamed for bootlicking for these companies.

1 month ago

VR changes?

1 month ago

Blah blah blah. F1 21 pre launch vids went on about the new damage model. Many YouTube vids of cars being smashed up later…When game was released it wasn’t there and was never seen again.Speaking of which I wonder if this game will be broken beyond belief and still just as bad after 19 rounds of updates later?

1 month ago

I like this. No more arcadelike madsend.

1 month ago

The last 2 maybe 3 f1 games are only there to pleasure the stupid E Sports

1 month ago

Hate more settings etc, makes the game more complicated and harder for players with disabilities.

1 month ago

Old game engine poor graphics and con £

1 month ago

For me personally, i havent played an F1 game that i liked the feel and look of since 2017. I still play it religiously. I feel like i can really hustle the car better in that game than any game since. Plus, i think the game itself looks better. Thats just my opinion. I might try this years, just to see if its ANYTHING like 2017, but I doubt it will be.

1 month ago

If your "deep dive" is only 5 minutes long then that tells us all we need to know how much has changed from last year's game

1 month ago

Its the same as f23 also why would i spend so much money just for this its like yall only changed the numbs of the game from 23 to 24 and thats it

1 month ago

Lots of updates, but so far I don't see the value in paying $60+ to upgrade.