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Fallout 4’s Next-Gen Update Gets a Release Date – IGN Daily Fix

n today’s Daily Fix:
If watching Prime Video’s Fallout series has you nostalgic for adventures in the wasteland, Bethesda has some good news. Fallout 4 is getting a next-gen upgrade on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The upgrade comes with both Performance and Quality settings, various improvements, and bug fixes. That means you’ll finally be able to play the game at 60fps in a high resolution on console. PS4 and Xbox One users will still be getting an update with some bug fixes. If fighting bugs and robots in space is more your thing, Arrowhead stealth-dropped some new ship modules into Helldivers 2, which improve orbital barrage spread, increased fire damage from certain stratagems (that can be a double-edged sword if you’re not careful), and more. And finally, Vampire Survivors is getting a DLC update that adds…Contra?


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3 months ago

Was about to start a new game but think i'll wait til the 25th now!

3 months ago

I'm intrigued to know if that upgrade includes the disc version as well because that is where all my saves are considering that my saves won't work on the digital version of the game.

3 months ago

Biggest problem we won't get fallout london now

3 months ago

Rather have Fallout 2 and 3 remake

3 months ago

Which version of Fallout 4 they are releasing on new gen consoles? Normal Version or Game of the Year version?

3 months ago

Does this mean we have to play it off the internal now rather than external hard drives?

3 months ago

New vegas on switch?

3 months ago

is this better then fallout 76. does it look and play better?

3 months ago

Gets up and heads towards vault door
Alright ima head out

3 months ago

Is this update explosion my 4080😒

3 months ago

Please please please! Let the update improve Downtown Boston and reduce crashes while using mods

3 months ago

Game is bugged on ps5 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The automatrons dlc literally crashes the game when starting it up…

3 months ago

I'm so excited!

3 months ago

Anybody else downloading F4 to their PS5 and it won’t boot up?

3 months ago

Why remake Fallout 4? The newer, less popular and objectively worse game? If you are going to remaster something… remaster Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Those are masterpieces.

3 months ago

Strapping your steam deck to your waist WOULD make for a bad experience… Especially since Pip-Boys go on your wrist lol

3 months ago

This is another bare-minimum half-assed update that will break the hard work of the people that are actually responsible for modernising FO4: the modders. Seriously, f**k Bethesda, I'm never giving them money ever again.

3 months ago

Will the enclave quest be available on ps5 & Xbox too?

3 months ago

Is the update going to fix the game crashing constantly? Im level 68 and have over 700 hours into my current game and can't play more then an hour with game crashing and booting me to the home screen.

3 months ago

The intern replacing fpsmax = 30 to 60 needs a bonus

3 months ago

When they gonna fix the PlayStation versions? It's literally unplayable, anyone know?

3 months ago

What about mods support?

3 months ago

Fallout 4 is awful why not 3

3 months ago

You mean the "update" that is going to break all the previous mods and keep us from playing Fallout London? No thanks. Almost seems like Bethesda timed this to take a purposeful crap on the developers working on Fallout London.

3 months ago

An update? 2 days after the release of Fallout: London? What a coincidence! Surely Bethesda aren't trying to mess with the modders on purpose?

3 months ago

People need to stop buying all these garbage "remakes"…

3 months ago

Pip boys on waists?

3 months ago

So Console Players get 60 fps.
PC Players get to have all their mods destroyed.
and with many modders having already moved on, some of your favorites might not even receive an update that makes it playable on the new version.
Better buy a version that isn't connected to Steam/Epic.

3 months ago

New vegas crash and freezes and you guys never remaster it but keep remasterimy skyrim every year