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Far Cry 6 – Official Season Pass Trailer | E3 2021

Embrace the Far Cry legacy and play as the villains with the FAR CRY® 6 Season Pass.
For the first time in Far Cry history, you are the villain. Get up close and personal as you take control of the legends themselves: Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed – all played by the original cast.

Delve into these iconic villain’s twisted minds, uncover their backstories, battle their inner demons, and reunite with familiar faces. All of this in a new Far Cry gameplay experience in which you will have to die… and retry. Can you escape the mind of a villain?

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Gary Koh
3 years ago

They left out Far Cry 2. I would like to play as malaria.

Mads Pontoppidan
3 years ago

1:15 Wilhelm Scream <3

Pussy Extract
3 years ago

Glad they didn't forget about Vaas

Kingeru Channel
3 years ago

LOL jason payback to vaas ahahahaha

hero medley
3 years ago

hear no evil speak no evil see no evil

The H.O.B Runner
3 years ago

is this the Far Cry 6 map editor?

lucas williams
3 years ago

They've got the original actor for vaas right?

Dev. B?
3 years ago

So we play as past villains in the underworld?

3 years ago

Vaas:I am you and you are me

Icy Bert
3 years ago


RP Bird
3 years ago

So cool to see vaas, and pagan min again

Don't know who that third guy is though, might be some extra for the sake of making three

3 years ago


Keenan Khater
3 years ago

Hooray, old content!!!

Leon Scott Kennedy
3 years ago

Now the cartel is complete!

3 years ago

Not even releases and we already get a season pass

Pedja Nedeljkovic
3 years ago


3 years ago

For those on PC you can get the best edition from the Ubisoft store ?

3 years ago

when ubisoft decided to made their own tenet

Sam Boksem
3 years ago

this is a bit of a step up from 5

3 years ago

why arent twin sis from new dawn not here?

3 years ago

Play as Vaas?
The best villain in video game history?
Take my f***in money

Anonymous Wolf
3 years ago

Wait Blood dragon getting a Remake !

Mark 4 style Motha Fokaa

3 years ago


the mod is now real

3 years ago

So Finally after all those years! We saw Real Lakshmana and Ishwari Ghale…

3 years ago

When you promote dlc before the game even releases

M Digital Gaming
3 years ago

Can we just get a new Blood Dragon already instead of hashing out the same out dated mechanics of FC3, an no I'm not talking about that embarrassment of a Trials bike game tie in.

3 years ago

I’m so excited to play as vaas

Zayn Danial
3 years ago

Is there Far Cry vs Zombies by any chance

Revan Pendragon
3 years ago

Far Cry but Vaas is Nacho from BCS