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Farm Sim News – 715 Wheeled, MNMF Map, Gleaner Combine, & More! | Farming Simulator 22

FSN is back for the first time in a whole week! That might be the longest we’ve gone without news (or is it?) After 7 days, only 16 modders to talk about. But boy oh boy, this are some hard-hitters!

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Farm Sim News – 715 Wheeled, MNMF Map, Gleaner Combine, & More!
#FarmingSimulator #DjGoHam #FarmSimNews

0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Steiger 715 Wheeled
1:14 – Steiger Price
1:53 – Gleaner S9
2:21 – TLX Trucks
2:50 – Phiber Dash Trailer
3:29 – Kasztan’s Mods
3:57 – Where did they go?
4:24 – Valtra T CVT
5:01 – Panther 4502
5:20 – Rottne H21D Steep
6:50 – Midwest Shop
7:05 – Bale Shed Pack
7:42 – Zrece 2k24
8:03 – Millennial Farms Map
8:39 – Lancyboi’s Next Map
9:22 – Rock Quarry
9:52 – Disclaimer
10:21 – Outro
10:47 – idkwtd


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1 month ago

Hello.,can you help me on all my maps ,the numbers dissipares but still got numbers on my buy session

1 month ago

I want Lone Oak back pls ask!

1 month ago

Like your video and all of your mod

1 month ago

i love those superior trailer i use them for everything on my farm one of my fav’s in fs22

1 month ago

Been waiting patiently for that end dump update

1 month ago

Thanks for the news dj hopefully next week we get some new awsome mods

1 month ago

About time case had some tank attachments on the front

1 month ago

Is the gleaner all platforms

1 month ago

I'm looking forward to the Case 715.😁

1 month ago

This is for 82 studio Everytime I pull a gooseneck with the tlx 1982 everytime I turn half way or all the way the truck leans to the left or right and stays like that until I turn the other way other than that I love it

1 month ago

I can't wait for the tow truck mods

1 month ago

Same, like anytime I download mods is like asking me for more storage. After I got plenty of stories, I came to download more stuff, please get ahold of giants so we could have extra storage on farm simulator so we could download more mods.

1 month ago

Love all the new maps but really missing Alien Jim this go round.

1 month ago

I think that maps with the mining aspect is really hitting off in recent years and if giants decide to add mining to fs 25 and im all down for it

1 month ago

Nice update DJ thanks!
Do you or anyone in comments know if the Giants farmhouse on Elmcreek is available anywhere as a standalone mod?

1 month ago

82Studio Why doesn't he make a tractor we never saw in FS22 maybe finish it for FS25-26

1 month ago

5020 still in absence?

1 month ago

wish they'd include the MNMF silo site I their buildings pack, with a working dryer.

1 month ago

I was one of the MNMF searchers 😂😂

1 month ago

TLX mods passed Lets GO!!!!!

1 month ago

Oh good I’m not going crazy. Happy fsnews day!

1 month ago

That Rottne going to compete with the Scorpion? 😂

1 month ago

im still waiting news of monette seeds map.

1 month ago

Can't wait for the wheeled 715 steiger and MNMF gonna be so fun

1 month ago

Hey dj are these mods available on ps4 also i want to play this game so bad im just waiting for the price to drop on the ps store

1 month ago

Thanks for saving up all the news for a Friday News Drop ! 🤗😂

1 month ago

Hey There My Good Little Bro DJ GO HAM

1 month ago

Afternoon/Evening everyone, hope everyone one well! Fingers crossed no more migraines 🤞😂💙

1 month ago

Dude I’m amped about the superior update!!! Hopefully he will increase capacity from 500k liters to 1.5 or 2.5 million liters!!!

1 month ago

Hopefully they fix the repair meter on the quad track going down super fast

1 month ago

Any idea why the universal crusher was removed? I deleted it by accident and couldn't find it to download again. I enjoyed all the different types of sand

1 month ago


1 month ago

DJ! whats up man

1 month ago

Liking the Bale Shed.

1 month ago

Great video 📹 DJ

1 month ago

All right cool Hes back

1 month ago

I'm looking forward to that Midwest shed. The bale shed pack looks good.

50% done on the gleaner mod? 😂😂😂
I stopped looking forward to that mod long time ago

1 month ago

Hey Dj some of us having trouble with fs22 on consoles where mods downloading very slow some time it will take a hour for the mods download can u get hold of giants and tell them we think it's on there end

1 month ago

Hey DJ! Love the videos!

1 month ago

Yay Farm Sim News Time

1 month ago

Good afternoon buddy

1 month ago

You are my favourite fs22 YouTuber and I was inspired by you to start my own channel

1 month ago

Happy Independence Day Norway🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

1 month ago

Nice video dj