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Fatal Fury, the classic 2D fighter, punches its way onto mobile platforms

The legendary classic 2D fighting game Fatal Fury has made its way to both Android and iOS, courtesy of SNK and Hamster’s Aca Neo Geo archive. First released in 1991, this title was technically the first entry in the now world-famous King of Fighters fighting game series.

After releasing on Nintendo Switch a few years back, Fatal Fury is now fully available on any mobile device. Given the game’s pedigree and also just how absurdly well it holds up to this day, this is wonderful news for just about any fighting game fan. With the same original art both characters and background wise, the same familiar mechanics that fans of the classic will recognize, and even the same soundtrack, this is unfiltered and straight up classic Fatal Fury.

The mobile version of the fighter even has all 16 iconic fighters from the game, with the now Super Smash Brothers famous Terry Bogard headlining the cast. Every character remains completely unchanged, and the inputs are just as maddeningly complicated yet incredibly satisfying to pull off as they were during the 90s. While you might think that porting such an in-depth and difficult fighting game with infamously hard to pull off moves would cause some of that difficulty to be lost due to simplifying controls, the developers assure us that every character retains the same exact moveset they had in the original, so any old-heads will retain all of their muscle memory.

Priced at $3.99 on both storefronts, this is a no brainer steal for anyone into the genre. Given the pedigree of SNK nowadays alongside the status this game has upheld for so many years, even being played in tournaments to this day, alongside the newly added feature to invite your friends to one-on-one matches, it’s simply a must buy. If you’re looking to get into it, you can find it on either Google Play or the App Store.

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