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Festival Tycoon – Build Your Dream Music Festival

I’m taking it back a couple of years for this one because who doesn’t love a good tycoon game in the same vein as RollerCoaster Tycoon and such? This time, though, you run your own music festival! Festival Tycoon gives you the design and micro-management powers to create and run your dream music festival right from the comfort of your home. Plant flowers, fix toilets, book shows, and sign deals to grow your music show into a great success! 

Use ‘create mode’ in Festival Tycoon to design your perfect festival grounds. Start from a modest backyard bash and grow into an international success. Pick from a variety of biomes to set up in, and place stages as well as food options and bathrooms to appease your guests. Set up a killer lineup from different music genres like folk, rock, and techno with your limited budget. And don’t forget the sponsors. They can help fund your dream festival, but they come with high demands you must meet. Plus, your customers need to be happy in order to have a successful show! 

Will you build a globally successful festival?

Release Date

Festival Tycoon is available now on Steam and Epic!


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