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FFXIV Dawntrail Job Action Trailer REACTION – Machinist

I was told there would be MECHS!

Come say hi!

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00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Discussion


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21 days ago

Why they haven't updated the 1,2,3 combo, it doesn't give you the feeling of it even using the weapon. You only use your gun one time and the rest are jumping around.

21 days ago

I agree somewhat. The one thing I really wanted was the mech suit but I'm not even disappointed. That final ability looks really good.

21 days ago

So from what I saw, when you activate queen it may give your basic 1 2 3 combo actions new animations/ upgrades

21 days ago

Regarding a job/class not "clicking" I think we all have at least 1 that just doesn't work for us.

21 days ago

"we wanted one thing!"
To be inside your queen? Drak, you have 4 kids.

21 days ago

Liger zero panzer more like mobile suit heavy arms lol

21 days ago

I’m taking my lead farmer to dawntrail

21 days ago

I see Liger Panzer callouts but really that's now Wild Weasel Total Assault

21 days ago

Machinist aka the new Helldiver – your going to hear them saying "For DEMOCROCY" soon its just a mater of time…

21 days ago

Let me consume the queen charge to wear a mech suit!

21 days ago

Liger Zero Panzer!
I shouldn't be surprised the Drak knows Zoids, he's retweeted it before on twitter.
I would have loved a lock-on then fire, but this is still awesome!

21 days ago

I still hold out hope that we’ll get the PvP sniper for PvE one day. A hypercharge finisher?

21 days ago


21 days ago

Liger Panzer zoid mentioned 🎉

21 days ago

I see the Machinist has borrowed some of the design notes for Gundam Heavyarms… Mech suit's only a matter of time.

21 days ago

MCH when it has to figure out what a kilometer is

21 days ago

I'm so keen for the new job abilities. The new Machinist ability looks absolutely hilarious and is absolutely getting memed on.