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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth SGF 23 Trailer – Easy Allies Reactions

It’s time to finally see what the world looks like beyond Midgar. (Streamed June 8, 2023)

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22 days ago



………………………… REUNION

22 days ago

“That redefined the RPG genre. With its iconic characters, and rich story-telling”.

“It’s Elden Ring…..”

Seriously……? lmfao

22 days ago

I’m so excited for the second part of the Final Fantasy y7 remake part 2. We actually know it’s been 7 years since Cloud and Antifa last saw each other. I truly hope they do not kill Aerith off in this version of the game, that is one of the hardest scenes to watch still to date. Even when you know it’s going to happen. I wonder if you’ll still have to get Yuffie and Vincent in the same manner as the original game and if the chocobo side quest is still in it. I wonder if they’ll keep the chocobo stamina trick in the races as well.

22 days ago

you guys never get it rigth. you have no faith hahaha..

22 days ago

We are starting to get to critical levels of Squeenix dumb with this story now. Remake had the pretentious and stupid "Plot Ghosts!" and now we are getting crossing timelines with Rebirth?… Jesus Christ… Squaresoft had restraint and balls but SquareEnix doesnt have either of those.

22 days ago

I come here because of Don

22 days ago

The third game won't be named Reunion. Remember we already have Crisis Core: Reunion.

22 days ago

For Don!!!!!!

22 days ago

Donny boy you did it, 100K views is a fact!

22 days ago

Over 100K views, Don made it happen 🙂

22 days ago

Don sent me here from the podcast

22 days ago

Don made it happen.

22 days ago

Here for Don!
(also…justice for SnB!)

22 days ago

But what about zack uk the actual good character

22 days ago

So tifa died in nibelheim? They're changing the story up again?

22 days ago

Playstation sempre terá melhores jogos do que os concorrentes.

22 days ago

Over 100gb nice

22 days ago

WTF is this Square-Enix? This not even a remake anymore its a different game or sequel like FF-X, FF IX Reverent Wings, and FFXIII with its sequels. next thing the director changed the story, changed character designs cough*TIFA*cough and now are releasing another game that doesnt even being to approach the legacy of the PSX game. If you are going to release a sequel just say so, if it is going to be a remake just let it be a remake. Everything about this game is off cliff crash from TOP to BOTTOM.

22 days ago

so much time since the first remake reveal. and them jumping on their seats. how long has it been 😃😃

22 days ago

Omg – imagine when we reach Cosmo Canyon and the music starts playing 😍

22 days ago

What happened to Ian?

22 days ago

Would it make sense for the third game to be FF 7: Reunion?

22 days ago

I’m glad it’s ONLY PS5 this time. Let the old generation die finally

22 days ago

😂 An entire Generation (or two) gasp'd @ "2 Disc" announcement

22 days ago

It is time for another Maximilian Dood crossover podcast!

22 days ago

Is the person second to right a guy or a girl?

22 days ago

"So that confirms Reunion as the name of the third right?"

Does it? The Crisis Core Remake had 'Reunion' tacked on so I really doubt it.

22 days ago

End of final cloud 💔😔 bye

22 days ago

Man, cant wait for all the butt hurt when everyone realizes disc 1 is the installion disc and disc 2 is the actual game….

22 days ago

How did these people thought about elden ring dlc ???💀💀💀💀💀

22 days ago

2 discs worries me. one will be for data like red dead redemtion? or will disc 1 be early 2024 and we gotta wait for another later on

22 days ago

Plot twist: First disc is just the install disc.

22 days ago

Reunion L&R

22 days ago

Rebirth looks like a train wreck in slow motion for the entire franchise. so now the highly anticipated remake is not only a gotcha moment not remake but a new tale?
So: for everyone who gave the excuse that devs were playing 4d chess by bullcrapping about the whole remake 'remaking' the story.. is wrong
everyone who said that the next game would fix all issues .. is wrong
the story and designs needed to change.. is wrong
no other series have torpedoed themselves like this for a chance to print cash for the next 10+ years like this one.

22 days ago

IT’S time for Spoiler mode w/ maximillian dood hahahaha

22 days ago

2nd disk is probably Zack’s timeline with everyone is dead.

22 days ago

Remake was 2 disks as well, and only one of them was the actual geme…. Don’t wanna be a downer but I’m not getting my hopes up regarding that. Everything else though, I’m hyped as all hell! The mindgames, the combat, the visuals! Can’t f-ing wait and I still got to get mea PS5!

22 days ago


22 days ago

To be fair, remake was 2 discs

22 days ago

Damn it Huber, you are just too cute! ❤

22 days ago

3:14, Yuffie says, "keep it away from me" because she's having PTSD from Sonon

22 days ago

This and Playstation showcase was "meh" at best. Hoping Xbox brings some heat on Sunday 🤞🤞

22 days ago

The only game that you can pre-order with no worries

22 days ago

Too much woolaahh wowoosoeoe. You missed the best dialog

22 days ago

I like how yall pick up quickly on that Sephiroth gaslight moment. FF7 twitter is going crazy on that line 😂.

22 days ago

The 2 discs thing makes me wonder how diskless ps5 would handle the game

22 days ago

0:06 Huber is me right now lol eyes on Brads reaction to the hype!

22 days ago

2 Discs? laughts in PS5 Digital Edition