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FINAL HOURS: Vote for the Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Awards 2022

You’re not alone. It’s quite human to leave things to the last minute.

Besides, it can make things more exciting, right?

So now that we’re pretty much at the blue/red-wire-three-seconds-on-the-countdown phase of the Pocket Gamer People’s Choice, feel free to jump in and vote for your favourite game of last year.

As the only category of the PG Mobile Games Awards (now in their fifth year and, as ever, run by our industry-focused sibling site, that is nominated for and voted on by the players, it’s become something of a badge of honour for the winning finalist on the night.

A bit of everything

The 20 finalists we’ve ended up with following your submissions deliver a broad range of gaming experiences, whether it’s leading ‘mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics’ or, you know, that old skool concept of ‘fun’.

In these final few hours, your mission-critical task is to vote for the game you feel deserves to win.

The action stops at midnight on March 24th, at which point everything will get tallied up, checked and readied up for the winner unveiling during the PG Mobile Games Awards ceremony on April 5th at BAFTA in central London.

Vote well but do vote, thrill-seekers.

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