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Final Part Of Final Fantasy VII Remake Series Will Have Airship Travel/Battles

One of the ways you can tell that fans are excited about the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the fact that they’re entranced by all the “small details” that have been coming out about the game in recent weeks. With the final trailer for the game now out and a demo available for people to try, they’re noticing all sorts of things that add to the “level of detail” for the remake saga. However, we’re still only privy to certain elements of the game, and the act of traversal across the vast realm of Gaia is still something that many have questions about.

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So far, we know you can travel on foot, via Chocobos, and potentially via vehicles. However, as one interview with game lead Tetsuya Nomura noted, one thing you won’t be able to do is fly the airships. We know that Cid is in the game and’ll be helping out the crew however he can. But you shouldn’t expect to be able to fly the Highwind or any other additional ships around the world just yet. Nomura did say that you can expect it for the third title in the line:

“Since the quality of FF7 Rebirth’s world map is this high, I think it will be quite a challenge to incorporate the airship travel in the next game. When we made FF7 Remake, we were already thinking about how to make the world map for FF7 Rebirth. Now with FF7 Rebirth, we are thinking about how exactly we will portray the airships and weapons.”

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Yep, so you’ll not only be able to fly around the world in the third part of the remake, but you’ll also have intense air battles! That’s not unlike how they remade the motorcycle battles in the first part of the remake. Nomura was also clear about how the team intentionally spaced things out so they knew what to put in each game before working on it. So, the airship was never going to be an option here.

That’s not to say that there aren’t other things to look forward to in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth; the opposite is true. Not only are there scores of side quests and mini-games to play, but you’ll be able to take on the world however you want at times and even replay chapters with Cloud not in the lead so you can see the world through their eyes.

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The game arrives on February 29th.

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