Fire Emblem Engage Horse Manure Gift Explained

There are plenty of gifts to give your favorite characters in Fire Emblem Engage. One potential present that may have you covering your nose, though, is horse manure. It doesn’t sound like a very good thing to give anyone, and honestly: it isn’t. Even the item’s details ask why you would want to give such an item to anyone, let alone a friend or an ally. If you’re here, you’ve come across the gift and are likely curious to learn more about it.

Where to Find Horse Manure in Fire Emblem Engage

You’ll find horse manure in all kinds of places across Elyos. As you explore, you’ll come across the noxious stuff lying around in all kinds of places, stuffing it in your inventory for later use. You’ll also be able to sometimes find horse manure from actual animal poop. Adopted animals have the chance to drop it, so it’s very likely you’ll need to pick it up to keep things nice and clean. 

What is Horse Manure Used for in Fire Emblem Engage? 

Horse manure doesn’t serve any practical purpose in Fire Emblem Engage. It seems to exist only as a gag from the developers, one you can share with other characters in the game. Gift-giving is a big part of FE: Engage, as with many other series games, and this present falls strictly into the Punk’d category.

Typically, you give gifts to increase your relationship or standing with a character, and of course, each character has likes and dislikes that affect the strength of your friendship with them.

Horse manure has no positive effects, though it won’t negatively impact your relationships either. So while some characters may be revolted by horse manure and respond in kind, you won’t lose friendship points for gifting it to them. Some allies even find it knee-splappingly funny.  

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