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FIRST LOOK: MW3 Season 4 Trailer, Maps & Weapons… (NEW Gameplay Revealed) – Modern Warfare 3

FIRST LOOK: MW3 Season 4 Trailer, Maps & Weapons… (NEW Gameplay Revealed) – Modern Warfare 3

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0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – The Kar98k is CONFIRMED!
1:38 – DNA Bomb in Season 4
2:27 – Animated Skins, Samara & POIs
3:23 – PC9 Submachine Gun Gameplay
3:50 – Tokyo 6v6 Map Teasers
4:29 – Big Map Urzikstan Update?
4:56 – Atlas Superstore Possibly Returning
5:34 – New Playlist Update For Warzone!
6:04 – Claim FREE Rewards This Weekend
6:34 – Action Figure Bundle NOW Available
7:18 – Closing Statements

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24 days ago

I already gave up on That Soap's Skin…it's never coming out…Waiting since Mw2 lmao😑

24 days ago

2:17 $0 with wallet underneath it?! Are we finally getting a freakin wallet in Zombies??? 🤩

24 days ago

All leakers there just hackers and you streamers put out videos that ruined zombies. Mw3 is dead was and stop promoting paid accounts.

24 days ago

Not a marksman rifle it's the sniper from vanguard dog shi

24 days ago

Hoppfully tokyo map will Be Navy Seals vs Spetsnaz it would make sense Navy Seals are near by water and Spetsnaz Russia is almost close to Japan

24 days ago

Im exited for the blackcell skins

24 days ago

Question dk how did you get the minigun in tdm

24 days ago

I will be so happy if superstore returns

24 days ago

Are we gonna be made aware of the content we receive through watching the YouTube tournament?

24 days ago

It’s so blatantly obvious that sledgehammer wants to make an advanced warfare game

24 days ago

Again marksman’s are not one shot in mw3 so the kar 98 won’t be one shot at less you headshot and bless the buff every mw3 marksman to one shot

24 days ago

Last thing we need is new sniper/shotgun. 🤣🤣💯

24 days ago

I told you months ago that all cheaters info was on dark web

24 days ago


24 days ago

I wonder if since Samara died in the campaign if they're gonna bring her back with the DNA balm in season 4 as like an undead character

24 days ago

Another waste of time. Great.

24 days ago

I want some AW MAPS coz i really liked the ones that changed

24 days ago

2:59 Samara is the pathfinder skin

"I was never on that plane" (💀) confirms it

24 days ago

Are they going to bring back the grind game type?

24 days ago

No verdansk? No thanks.

24 days ago


24 days ago

Green animated skin is the new Amazon Prime skin, just seen it

24 days ago

What pisses me off is they totally forgot about invasion/ground war…same old 3 maps since release…wtf? Best modes IMO. And, they're not fixing the connection issues…more worried about skins…

24 days ago

Making a Kar Enfield hybrid

24 days ago

Um, dk… samara is already a playable op. She’s pathfinder 💀

24 days ago

Hope lockdown gets map rotation bc I like vondel and rebirth on lockdown

24 days ago

I have that calling card with the chick

24 days ago

is the big map gonna be on ranked ????

24 days ago

Another sniper wow dude

24 days ago

the "PC-9" is not a Ruger PC-9, the model clearly looks nothing like it, this video has images of both… how did that get missed?

24 days ago

Tokyo map…



Guys hear me out

24 days ago

Kar98k IS indeed a fan favorite weapon from 2019 Modern Warfare. I have a good feeling that Verdansk could return in Season 5 reloaded or season 6 reloaded. That's my best guess.

24 days ago

The tracers on the new bundle could've been nerf dart like but nah. Fumbled

24 days ago

The fungus I feel like it has something to do with the last of Us

24 days ago

The new smg reminds me of the one that was in black ops 4 that was a crate weapon

24 days ago

This isn't a "First Look". Liar.

24 days ago

Dk , how long you been playing zombies?

24 days ago

They see a shot gun main player and the world ends for them They chass you around and can't even sprit and they are there cheating fr GROW UP The_Messiah92

24 days ago

This is what's up sets me making new stuff and not fixing sbmm today in the morning I faced 20 cheaters in multiplayer am not quitting bit dame when XDefiant comes out its gonna be to late to get players back in cod

24 days ago

It be cool to have storage town

24 days ago

Just a small theory, with the DNA bomb possibly coming back…what if with each season its a slow timejump to AW2? Again just a theory

24 days ago

Ppl will soon get tire off buying cod games because they're just doing another 70 dlc and treating it like a sports games always having to buy 1 every year plus all are fav characters we want to play with are no longer available this game is trash