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Flee, Mortals! Now Available On D&D Beyond

The go-to platform for Dungeons & Dragons content has received another third-party supplement. The new content is Flee, Mortals!, a monster-focused supplement developed by TTRPG personality and game designer Matt Colville.

Flee, Mortals! on D&D Beyond

According to its store page listing, Flee, Mortals! is a supplement all about adding new and interesting monsters to your Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Facing challenging monsters is the biggest draw to the world’s most popular fantasy TTRPG.

Even goblins are a little extra in this book.

The supplement contains 293 unique monster statblocks. These include variations on classic D&D monsters, special abilities meant to surprise veteran players, and rules and mechanics for minions. Minions are designed as challenging cannon fodder to make players feel powerful.

Furthermore, Flee, Mortals! contains rules for allies and retainers. These support NPCs can even level up alongside an adventuring party. Lastly, the supplement contains 9 battlemaps and 19 magic items for DMs to use as they see fit.

The D&D Beyond store page shows that this will not be the last supplement developed by Matt Colville and MCDM featured on the platform. In addition to buying standalone, there is an option for a bundle, which includes another MCDM supplement: the boss battle-focused book Where Evil Lives.

Matt Colville’s influence in the TTRPG space cannot be understated. He has contributed to multiple books including Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, the CODA System Star Trek RPG, the (now-discontinued) Arcadia magazine, and multiple supplements for D&D 3e.

Notably, Colville’s MCDM studio has also developed their own fantasy TTRPG competitor to D&D. The aptly titled MCDM RPG was successfully crowdfunded on Gamefound, raising a staggering $4.5 million during its initial campaign.

Flee, Mortals! joins a handful of beloved third-party supplements on D&D Beyond. Those supplements include Darrington Press’ Tal’Dorei Reborn, Hitpoint Press’ Humblewood, and the Dungeon Dudes’ Dungeons of Drakkenheim.

Flee, Mortals! is available right now at an MSRP of $39.99, or bundled with Where Evil Lives for $59.99. Where Evil Lives is set to go live on the platform May 28.

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