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FNAF 3 OG vs. Plus (Fazbear’s Fright Attraction)

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FNAF 3 Plus (Fazbear’s Fright Attraction) by LostPawPlay

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0:00 – Main Menu
0:26 – Rare Scenes
0:52 – Extras Mode
2:03 – Extras Plus
3:36 – Ending Scenes
3:55 – Nightmare Mode
6:10 – Nightmare Plus

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4 months ago

If I ever see + BB in real life I am running in the other direction

I really love the look of the remake! The end scenes look so much more eerie to me, and the actual game play background kind of reminds me of sister location. The upgraded animation designs look so cool!

4 months ago

Definitely new

4 months ago


4 months ago

can anybody send this game link

4 months ago

Where do I get the game

4 months ago

I'm gonna be honest, I actually like the OG jumpscares more (Yes, including Spirngtraps). I'm not saying the remake's are bad though, they are pretty good.

4 months ago

Considering how much hard times I had with FNaF 3, I don’t have a lot of confidence in beating Fazbear’s Fright Attraction

4 months ago

Overall I still think the original is the best but one thing that this fangame have that superior is anatomically-accurate Springtrap

4 months ago

Phantom bb is unnervingly scary to me.

4 months ago

LOSTPAWPLAY its youtuber from russain

4 months ago

phantoms are same

4 months ago

0:02 хочу чтоб голова тряслась

4 months ago

why is there bonnie in plus

4 months ago

The springtraps detailed model is great but the original jumpscare is far better. I know it is not a popular opinion but I find his OG jumpscare one of the scariest in the series while finding the jumpscares from FNAF 4 lame. Those starring eyes combined with that smile is a nightmare fuel.

4 months ago

I like OG spring trap but plus is still cool and the jumpscare and corpse is way better.

4 months ago

please tell me where to get this game ive been looking everywhere for it and i just cant find it and please send me a link to it aswell if anyone does find it

4 months ago

Во фнаф плюс разрабы не умеют пользоваться светом

4 months ago

Тот кто придумал после скримера вставлять вспышку- любит получать световой гранатой в лицо в CS?

4 months ago

Honestly they knocked it out of the park with William's design, at the cost of the phantoms looking- awful, to put it bluntly. Phantom Chica especially.

4 months ago


4 months ago

That Dubble Jumpscare Combo at 8:10 Though ?

4 months ago

I don't understand why these fnaf plus videos are getting so much hype. They are basically just the original fnaf games but more cheap looking lol. its like its trying way too hard to be scary

4 months ago

I actually have two critiques with this Plus version of Springtrap that, despite the high quality visuals and vastly improved anatomy, make me actually like it less than the original.

1. The smile is practically gone. One of my favourite aspects of the original Springtrap's design is how he always has that toothy grin on his face. It's honestly pretty unsettling and sinister, and only grows more disturbing when you uncover the truth behind Springtrap, and know that Afton is probably in unspeakable agony in every waking moment, and yet he always has a smile on his face. Without that toothy grin, I feel like it falls into the same trap that FNAF Plus did: the animatronics look like they were designed in-universe to be scary.

2. His human remains are too easily visible. Something I liked about Springtrap's design was how at first, it was unclear what exactly he was. In most of the in-game shots, you never get a clear look at his full body (due to the shitty quality of the cameras), and it's only at the end that the truth is made clear. You can only see the human parts of his suit in the render menu, and in the hidden death screens. But in this design, from literally the moment you open the game, you immediately know that it's a corpse trapped in a springlock suit. I think revealing it for the jumpscare is fine, but the fact that it's ALWAYS easy to see his human remains takes away some of his mystique.

4 months ago

how download

4 months ago