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Today we react to the NEW FNAF INTO THE PIT TRAILER & check out the new screenshots on steam!

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1 month ago

Is this game canon to the franchise, not sure?

1 month ago

That looks exciting

1 month ago

Tbh you motivated me to continue my into the pit book thanks dawko (I finished it today⭐️😋)

1 month ago

Why is Oswald so short

1 month ago

Bonnie flossing is just the cherry on top of an amazing trailer

1 month ago


1 month ago

I can't tell if he's over reacting for the camera, or if he's just that exited. Either way, it's funny lol. I can't wait for this. I never read the book, but I do plan on getting all the books eventually. And Into The Pit might be my next one.

1 month ago

It’s weird. The animatronics look like they’re from fnaf 1 and not unwithered, but golden Freddy looks like an unwithered golden Freddy from fnaf 2. Wish we got to see something close to the unwithered versions of the rest

1 month ago


1 month ago

Dabbing Chica.

Twerking Freddy.

Flossing Bonnie.

1 month ago

Would love another game like this if this does well ,maybe for something like bunny call.

1 month ago

I just feel like this game is gonna end up being crucial to solving so many mysteries, since it's releasing in the anniversary year, and since Into The Pit is getting a graphic novel AND a choose-your-own-adventure book… it just might take us a while to solve lol

1 month ago

I can see MatPat reaction to Bonnie flossing: "Floss dance was invested in 21 century, the game is NOT timeline lore accurate!!!!!

1 month ago

looks super cool!

1 month ago

Dawko: Look at this cool easter egg from FNAF 4!

1 month ago

I’ll be honest. Fnaf game opinions for a while have been divided. Lot did not like security breach. Some didn’t even like the original. I think this is a major turning point where a fnaf game is liked by even non-fans. There’s a lot of creativity here and a lot of excellent animations and retro appeal will make this probably the best fnaf title in both gameplay and quality. Not including vr since not everyone owns a vr.

1 month ago

Gotta be honest. Fnaf was a breath of fresh air. It looked creative and had excellent small details. In fact a lot of games coming out aside from like a few look like garbage imo.
Also notice it’s coming to switch on day 1.

1 month ago

Hey Google I'm a big fan and I just wanted to say that did you know the I don't know if you know this game but but I don't know if you know bendy and the ink machine we'll just to know that the movie coming out of it and if you don't know bendy and the ink machine you can go ahead and play it there's a DLC of it dark the the ink revival game of it and their joy you studios and the same studios that make Jumanji while they're going to make a movie soon it's on a picture where they say bendy is going to be on the big screen soon and we can see bendy's hand pointing on the big screen so yeah they might be a bendy movie like the five nights at Freddy's movie was pretty good but I want to find out how the bendy movie was turned out

1 month ago

Great video Dawko!!

1 month ago

fortnite collab on top of all of this for the 10th anniversary would go crazy

1 month ago

We'll probably get a release date on the site

1 month ago

"BONNIE'S FLOSSING!!" -Dawko 🤣🤣🤣

1 month ago

9:51 the third closest

1 month ago

i can't wait for FNAF Into the Pit game! 😀
oh btw, the new FNAF Animated Movie will come soon with something fnaf games design or security breach design by the Scott Cawthon Video Games Based them on a movie from universal animation studios! this fnaf animated movie has a same art style as mortal kombat legends movie series like scorpion's revenge & battle of the realms & injustice (2021) for black shades by knuckles, feets, cheeks, arms, body & more. these Warner Bros Movies for Mortal Kombat & Injustice are from NRS base of a Video Games by Ed Boon Dawko. you love FNAF movie! i'll wait for FNAF Animation Movie with Black shades for MKL SR & BOTR & Injustice Art Styles for Universal Animation Studios Expect Warner Bros. Animation.

After that! it need a voice director for this fnaf cartoon movie & new voice casting. not even wes gleason!

cause Gregory & Cassie turn into a adult when they are a kids, & here's the voice cast

like security breach movie voice casting
Amber Lee Connors as Vanessa & Gregory (Child)
Zach Callison as Gregory (Adult)
Anika Noni Rose as Cassie (Adult)
unknown voice actress as Cassie (Child)
Jennifer Carpenter as Roxanne Wolf
Debi Derryberry as Glamrock Chica
Ika Amadi as Glamrock Freddy & Montgomery Gator
& more voices

but universal animation studios wants to come back. cause i don't know that fnaf movie was rated r or some letters. like curious George movies! what about universal pictures. i have no idea it wasn't for warner bros. animation. cause we need universal animation studios back. it's okay dawko!
i wasn't choose the voice casting for fnaf game movies & voice actors.
i'm not sure you played security breach. sadly? this movie was to get a animation movie with same art style like injustice (2021) & mortal kombat legends sr & botr for warner bros. animation. also universal studios! it's a live-action movie was released in Halloween 2023.

so you better watch out!😊😊
needs us for black shades on the movie.

1 month ago

wait so the game releases in june 12th?

1 month ago

This game will be so bad. It's already doing bad just by being based on the books.

1 month ago

If theres Bonnie flossing then there definitely gonna add your song Into the Pit

1 month ago

Dawko every time he says a word: 👏👏👏👏👏

1 month ago

Can you imagine if they put the into the pit song in the game

1 month ago

did you see godzlii in the back

1 month ago

This may be a reach. The menu 4:15 says ME-N-U. Like me and you

1 month ago

Sorry I was celebrating pride month

1 month ago

Dentist: Ok Bonnie you need to floss your teeth

1 month ago

Welcome to OMAG™. Meet Giggles and his friends on an amazing adventure. ❓🐐🐝🧛‍♀️🥶🥵👻👻👽🤖🔪 (This franchise is rated R) (This is a no drama channel. So don't come at me with your drama or start any drama, I'm looking at you fnaf and Minecraft communities) (Ps: Every character/animatronic are straight)

1 month ago


1 month ago

We need this game I’m so hyped