Football Manager 2024 is the best-selling entry in series history with 7 million gum-chewing devotees, studio pays tribute to ‘incredible community of players’

Football Manager is one of those games that now feels like an institution. I play the newest entry and, even though it’s a much-improved and more sophisticated experience, I am still in some sense a teenage boy at a beige PC with my treasured copy of Championship Manager 97/98. I’ve been playing some version of this game on-and-off for a quarter of a century. 

Sports Interactive was founded in 1994 and has specialised in this one game ever since (with a few short-lived forays into hockey and baseball management). It has built a huge and loyal fanbase devoted to the Football Manager series, and has established the game as such an accurate simulation of the real world that it is now used in aspects of the sport (hell, there are even pro managers who credit the game with their careers).

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