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Forspoken Consultants Black Girl Gamers CRY “HARASSMENT” As Gamers Criticize Their USELESS Jobs

#SweetBabyInc #Forspoken #Gaming

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3 months ago

Tonight at 7PM EST i'll be continuing my playthrough of FF7 Rebirth, We're Almost Done The Game!

Also make sure to stop by my other gaming & pop culture livestreams every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 7-8PM EST!

3 months ago

Funny… A consultant firm that consult on plot, sensitivity and all that jazz.
And all they came up with was a major plothole within first five minutes (not taking the money bag), and came up with a character that was a walking stereotype – a rude, obnoxious thief.

It is kind of a rip-off, this kind of consulting firm. They come up with something an average cookie cutter white supremacist would come up for free, and would avoid the plothole.

3 months ago

"White" is/was a term originally to describe elite nobility, and your average joe was only known as peasants before the 1600s. It is currently these "whites" feeding the woke media/consultants their words so they can further control them and everyone else. People in the position of power keep us at each other so we dont see the inevitable end. All of our subjugation. In short, woke is a term based on falsehoods. So, in turn, you aren't actually awake, but a pupet of control. We are possibly doomed. 😮

3 months ago

"If you don't look like me, I can't relate to you"

3 months ago

In 2024 if I hear a black person claim racial discrimination I assume a white person got a job! The black privilege is disgusting!

3 months ago

I'm ok with a group called "black girl gamers" favoring a certain demographic.

3 months ago

And I'm tired of being harassed with crappy sjw projects they call games.

3 months ago

for gamers it doesnt matter if someone has black skin or white skin, for all we care they can have green skin! neither does it matter if they are male or female, or neither! what does matter however is when they are on a crusade and ruin games just to spite the ppl that should buy said games… the sooner the last of those lunatic "consultants'" firms goes poof, the better for everyone! its about time that companies listen to their core audience, and stop hiring these crazies that ruin their sales and possible whole company over a pointless selfcentered look on "how the world should pander to THEM and everyone else be damned"… when was it ever a good idea to drive away the ppl that should buy ur product, to support ppl that dont have any interest in the success of ur product other than to ursurp it for their own means? they dont buy the games they ruin so carelessly, and for sure they dont care how many ppls careers and lifelyhoods they ruin, so long as they get their message out and cant spite real gamers along the way… * smh *

3 months ago

"We are all one race, the human race!" Big facts Vara. I say the same damn thing all the time.

3 months ago

I loathe this woman's voice. Her articulation makes it hard to listen to her content. I like some of the stuff she say's, but good lord she makes it hard to consume.

3 months ago

A company called Black Girl Gamers looking for a black woman DM for brand purposes isn't really discrimination. It's like how Hooters insists on having attractive young women who look good in hotpants as waitresses. If they were hiring for a sales position and required a black woman, maybe you could make a case there.

3 months ago

Gaslighting and chastising your customers isn't a profitable business strategy. I'm surprised we have to explain that to them, but here we are…

3 months ago

they are abusing the "victim card" simply because the paying customers don't want their social woke dei agenda in any products.

3 months ago

bad Products are not entitled to any respect or money from the paying customers.




characterized by or showing prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized:

"we are investigating complaints about racist abuse" · "the systems work to uphold and enforce racist policies"


a person who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized:

"he has been targeted by vicious racists online"

3 months ago

A lot of you people don’t understand consultation companies and it shows. Any of the trash square enix or Sony puts into their games is all on them, they decided to put these things into their games, the consultation companies sure as hell don’t put them in the game.

3 months ago

Now it is creal why the game was as was. Any other games they ruined?

3 months ago

Lawyer up bitches

3 months ago

So "none racist consultants" say white ppl make em unconfortable, which is completely racist…what an oxymoron!😅

3 months ago

I wish AMD hadnt been nice enough to these devs to show off their garbage game. It still didnt help it do well because its been made by unwell people. Unwell people throwup garbage. Even with the backing of the giant company of AMD, Forspoken quickly became Notspoken.

3 months ago

These upper middle-class kids larping as working class black women are doing nothing by creating serious social problems for black women.

3 months ago

VARA: "We are all one race. The human race. And that's what matters."


3 months ago

Sour Baby, Inc.
Sweet Baby Stink.

3 months ago

if you were on an actual conversation with them… they wouldn't listen to reason. thanks god we have our channels to say how it is

3 months ago

is for spoken still exists??? f them all! no passion, not respect, no nothing! consult this! / corpos! Jesus Christ

3 months ago

Man, the size of balls on them, to insult the very people the industry they are in targets as their PRIMARY consumers/customers….wtf. It’s like “biting the hand that feeds you” jeezus.