Forspoken Crafting Explained: How to Craft Draughts and Pouches

As an open-world RPG, you’d be right for expecting Forspoken to feature a crafting system. Unlike some of its other systems, however, crafting is surprisingly straightforward. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of items and crafting materials, but it’s very simple once you understand how it works. 

This guide covers the basics of what you need to know about crafting in Forspoken, such as the general ins and outs of the system explained, important items, and the types of items you can craft and upgrade at workbenches, such as pouches. However, it does not cover advanced crafting materials

How Crafting Works in Forspoken

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Frey can only craft items at workbenches, which are found at every Refuge. Thanks to the relatively small distances between points of interest and the game’s generous fast travel system, returning to these safe havens for crafting is relatively simple. You’ll get the items you need and back to whatever you were working toward in no time. 

Every basic crafting material is either found on the ground as a plant or flower or within chests. Chests can be found either alone in the open world, indicated by the purple map icon, or inside points of interest.

To be thorough, we suggest performing a cuff scan during or immediately after completing every point of interest. Pressing up on the directional pad on a controller initiates the scan, highlighting anything Frey can pick up or interact with around the general vicinity. 

What Can You Craft in Forspoken?

There are four main options that exist within Forspoken‘s crafting menu:

  • Healing Draughts
  • Healing Pouches
  • Material Pouches
  • Advanced crafting materials

Healing Draughts

Healing draughts are the game’s sole restorative item, which can be crafted using two Balm Flax. As the most abundant resource in Forspoken, you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding Balm Flax locations. 

Healing and Material Pouches

Healing Pouches and Material Pouches are what you should focus on most intently and are how you upgrade and increase your carrying capacity for certain items. Each Medicine Pouch increases the total number of healing draughts Frey can carry. Similarly, Material Pouches increase the carrying/collecting capacity for all crafting materials.

Upgrading Medicine Pouches requires nuggets, whereas upgrading Material Pouches requires feathers. As with any RPG, you might worry about crafting something too soon because the required material(s) might be useful for something else. Luckily, Medicine and Material Pouches use their own unique crafting materials. This means you can safely craft upgrades as soon as you have enough nuggets or feathers. 

Unlike the other basic crafting materials, you won’t find nuggets or feathers randomly sitting around. Nuggets and feathers can only be acquired from chests or within points of interest, such as fortresses or guilds. 

Advanced Crafting Materials

Advanced crafting materials are reserved higher level upgrades, which are covered in a separate guide

With that knowledge, you now know how crafting works in Forspoken. Workbenches will become more and more important as you make your way through the open world of Athia, making Frey more resilient and more powerful in combat and exploration. You’ll need to also know about how fall damage works (which is a bit different than you might expect), as well as how to counterattack and upgrade your magic abilities

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