Forspoken: How to Turn Off, Turn Down Cuff and Frey Dialogue

Cuff and Frey are literally inseparable in Forspoken, and neither is initially fond of the other when they first discover their unique bond. They’re also happy to trade barbs at every opportunity, whether about important story beats, Frey’s combat prowess, or Cuff’s endless but inconsistent memories and wit. The banter is so frequent as to be annoying, and you may want to know how to turn it down or even off. 

Forspoken Dialog Settings: Cuff Chat Frequency

Screenshot by GameSkinny

It’s easy to adjust how much Cuff and Frey talk in Forspoken. Open the settings menu and navigate to the Accessibility Settings. About mid-way down, you’ll see the Cuff Chat Frequency setting. It comes in four settings:

  • High: Cuff and Frey will talk more than they do by default, which is to say, a lot.
  • Default: Cuff and Frey will frequently talk about both main story-related topics and whatever else is happening or on their minds.
  • Low: Cuff and Frey will still talk, but the commentary is significantly pared down. Not every situation will warrant comment.
  • Minimal: Cuff and Frey will only talk to each other when it’s important to Forspoken’s central narrative. In other words, this setting cuts out the meaningless chit-chat, letting you explore and fight monsters without constant verbal pestering.

Now that you know how to turn the dialog down or off, Frey and Cuff’s back and forth will either be less frequent or non-existent. Check out our review if you want a longer rundown of Forspoken’s story and gameplay. We’ve also covered how to counterattack, skip cutscenes, and even cataloged every magic spell and ability in the game. Our Forspoken guides hub has even more.

Featured Image via Square Enix.

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