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Forspoken is out on Steam! Get it cheap with our price comparison

Are there any discounts on Forspoken? You’ve come to the perfect place to find out.

To some, this title is still full of mystery. The original project is a rare sight in the AAA game market in times when remakes, sequels, and adaptations draw the most attention. Nonetheless, the title managed to gather plenty of optimistic anticipants that are hoping to buy Forspoken Steam key on its release day. After all, it’s hard not to get hyped for a brand-new Square Enix open-world action-adventure game.

The main character is Frey Holland, who already has plenty on her plate in modern-day New York. To add to the fair share of her troubles, the protagonist finds herself in a fantasy world that once used to be a flourishing land. Now, it’s in distress, and it’s up to Frey and her newly-discovered magic powers to explore Athia and advance the story further.

What are Forspoken PC reviews say?

Those who rely on checking opinions can already find some Forspoken PC reviews. Alas, the first reviews are a bit polarising, with an average score of 69/100 on OpenCritic. Some critics were left unsatisfied with the depth of the plot. However, the majority of them praise the breathtaking open world, highly engaging combat system, and smooth traversal mechanics.

What is a Forspoken Steam price?

It looks like magic battle enthusiasts will grow very fond of this title. Unfortunately, those who hope to discover all secrets of Athia will be displeased to find out the Forspoken Steam price. Gamers that prefer purchasing directly from Valve’s storefront will have to cough up $69.99. It isn’t new to see the eye-watering price tags for big-budget projects, but not everyone is prepared for this sort of expenditure. 

Fortunately, there are some ways of cutting corners. With, you can compare deals for Forspoken Steam key from various distributors. Even now, you can find discounts in official stores, as well as in keyshops. If you hope to snatch the game for a lower price in the future, creating a price alert is your go-to option. You can set it up to be automatically notified as soon as your desired offer hits the market.

Do you think Forspoken Steam price is justified, or are you waiting for the next sale to try the latest Square Enix installment? Let us know in the comment section below, or join the discussion on our official Discord server.

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