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Fortnite Fallout Crossover Confirmed With Official Artwork

Fallout content is on its way to Fortnite, according to official artwork revealed on Tuesday. Developers haven’t revealed much, but fans do get a look at Fortnite’s take on power armor.

Fortnite teases Fallout crossover

Fortnite shared the teaser on Twitter, alongside a winking and thumbs-up emoji. The picture promitlyfeatres a suit of T-60 Power Armor surrounded by orange clouds. It also shows a mysterious industrial facility of some kind. It’s not yet clear what one has to do with the other, and developers haven’t revealed any additional information. It’s also unclear whether it will be part of the current season, ending May 28, or the upcoming Chapter 5: Season 3.

That said, fans can make some educated guesses about what to expect. There will, of course, be cosmetic items, with Vault suits being the obvious choice. Meanwhile, modern Fallout’s Power Armor is closer to a vehicle than an outfit. Fortnite featured mech suits in the past, so making Power Armor a vehicle in Battle Royale might not be out of the question. There may also be some new battle royale mechanics, similar to the recent Star Wars crossover, for example.

It will also be interesting to see if and how Fallout could appear in Lego Fortnite. Fallout 4’s settlement building was a popular component of that game, and it survives in Fallout 76 through the CAMP system. While the M-rated Fallout might clash with Lego Fortnite’s family friendliness, Fallout-inspired objects could be a good addition.  

Of course, this is all speculation based on a single teaser image. Hopefully, Epic Games will reveal more details soon.

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