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Forty-Niner Brings Wild West Open-World Survival in 2025, Demo Coming This Fall

Developer and publisher VowelA has announced a new Wild West open-world survival game by the name of Forty-Niner, and it’s heading to PC next year.

The game, which looks ideal for fans of titles like Wild West Dynasty and Enshrouded, will allow you to build your very own Wild West settlement, complete with terrain destruction.

Set “during the gold rush of 1849”, Forty-Niner includes a number of different biomes, and it looks like you’ll be able to explore underwater as well, which is pretty impressive.

Forty-Niner looks ideal for fans of games like Wild West Dynasty.

You’ll be given a choice between two playable factions: cowboys and Native Americans. Each will have access to a different range of classes and jobs, so you’ll have to think carefully about what kind of frontier life you want to lead.

The game promises the ability to engage with “deep, modular building mechanics”, robust trading systems, and extensive exploration, with a full procedural open world available to wander.

Naturally, this being an open-world survival game, you’ll also be able to craft your own weapons and gear with which to dispense your own version of frontier justice to the threats that encroach upon your settlement.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Forty-Niner, which should give you a good sense of what kind of game it’ll be, right here.

VowelA CEO Stanislav Kryvenko says that his team consists of “massive fans of open-world survival and crafting games”, and that the Wild West setting “provides a wealth of unique elements that really shine” in the genre.

You’ll get the chance to figure out whether you agree with him or not this fall, since VowelA is planning to launch a Forty-Niner demo around then.

Forty-Niner is set to launch for PC via Early Access sometime next year. A PlayStation 5 version is also planned for launch sometime after the PC release.

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