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Forza Motorsport developer outlines car progression changes

Turn 10 Studios has released an initial outline of the changes it’s making to car progression in Forza Motorsport.

The progression system has been heavily criticised by players since Forza Motorsport released in October 2023, and has been a frequent topic of discussion on the Forza Forums suggestions board.

The new changes are “thanks to your feedback”, Turn 10 said in its Forza Motorsport car progression update announcement.

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Two main changes are being made to car progression. The first is the removal of the locked part mechanic, which means car parts will be upgradeable in any order rather than locked to the car’s level. The second will make acquiring Car Points, which are used to upgrade cars, easier by allowing them to be traded for Credits.

The ratio Turn 10 is testing is 4,500 Credits for 500 Car Points, which the studio says should “provide a healthy balance” based on feedback.

The car progression update is planned for March as part of the game’s next major update. The release date will be announced closer to when it rolls out.

Car progression is just one of several parts of Forza Motorsport which Turn 10 vowed to improve at the beginning of the year. The other “key areas” the studio addressed are driver AI and race regulations. The former was addressed in a major, free update at the end of January, though the studio has been quiet on what is planned to improve the latter.

“A generous and lavish racer, with thrilling driving, that wants you for the long haul,” reads our Eurogamer Forza Motorsport review.

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