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FREE Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition on Epic Games Store

One of the best role playing games is up for grabs!

It’s Thursday, which means the second free game in the Epic Games 2023 MEGA Sale is now available. From now on, anyone can get their hands on Fallout New Vegas with all the extra content. It’s hardly surprising, though, as plenty of hints have pointed to this title.

In the past, Fallout Classic Collection and Fallout 3 have been featured in the EGS free game program, so you have another chance to add to your Fallout collection with today’s giveaway.

Claim Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition for free on Epic Games Store

The following offer is only valid during the second week of the Epic Games MEGA 2023 event. To claim your copy, go to this store page. Then, press the “GET” button and complete your order. That’s all you need to do to get your freebie. You can now download and play FNV whenever you want.

What are your thoughts on this Epic Games freebie? Are you happy with it? Let us know in the comments section or on our Discord server. Also, follow our Gaming Leaks & Rumors section. We’ll cover other Epic Games MEGA mystery gifts as soon as any clues are revealed.

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