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Free Fire’s collaboration with Assassin’s Creed reaches its peak this weekend with the Creed of Fire collection

Garena Free Fire’s exciting collaboration with the Assassin’s Creed franchise has been underway for a week now. Titled the Leap of Faith, the event has brought in numerous themed quests, updates, skins, an amazing theme song, and much more. With the weekend, the crossover is set to hit its peak as Garena has a lot planned for players.

Players can expect the Creed of Fire collection to go live over the weekend alongside a tonne of other goodies. Logging in tomorrow will grant everyone exclusive AC x Free Fire rewards like the Hooded Skyboard. Completing quests will also award players with the Metal Wings P90 skin, Ornate Treasure Box, Vengeful Brotherhood Bundle and more.

A new gameplay mode called Lone Wolf Strike Out also goes live tomorrow. It takes place on a sci-fi map involving eight players of which four fight and four spectate. Players will have three lives and rounds take place between players based on their remaining lives. The last person standing with one or more wins. This is a limited-time mode so make sure you spend your weekend battling it out to grab all the rewards!

The hallmark of the event is, however, the Creed of Fire collection, a set crafted to perfectly imbibe the classic look of characters from Assassin’s Creed into the Free Fire universe. The Male AC x Free Fire costume takes uses the iconic colour scheme and hoodie and creates an epic streetwear costume with it. But the one to look out for is a recreation of the fan-favourite Master Assassin Ezio Auditore outfit, that also sports Senu, a female Bonelli eagle that was Bayek’s loyal companion.

If you think that is cool then wait until you see AC: Odyssey’s Talon Dagger, which was inspired by Athena. Additionally, Free Fire weapons will also be retouched with the classic red and white colours, and the Assassin’s Creed logo.

Don’t miss this opportunity to win a bunch of Assassin’s Creed-themed rewards by downloading Free Fire on the App Store and Google Play.

Also, check out these redeemable Free Fire codes for more goodies!

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