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Free Fire’s latest collaboration with BTS is going live featuring new themed skins, items, events, and more

BTS is a name almost everyone is now familiar with. This pop phenomenon has taken the entire world by storm and they’re everywhere. Now, this popular group is ready to hop into the world of Free Fire for numerous virtual and real-life events. Titled Gen FF, this crossover between Garena’s Free Fire and BTS will begin on March 23rd, giving players a chance to experience a grand concert, a tonne of in-game rewards, and more.

The rise of BTS and Free Fire follows a similar graph, and Gen FF wishes to represent players who have grown with the game, while also helping shape it becomes one of the most popular battle royales for mobile. The collaboration brings with it Free Fire’s first-ever concert – The Free Fire x BTS Show, which will feature all seven members of the squad. The group will participate in activities and discussions and players are definitely going to have a rollicking time.

BTS will be immortalized in Free Fire with unique in-game skins made for each member, coupled with a groovy soundtrack, other themed-costumes, emotes, and so much more. The coolest part is that all of these have been designed by the BTS members themselves. All of the costumes and collectibles are made to match each member’s personality.

On top of all the events and rewards, there are some secrets to uncover as well. Throughout the map, players can find hidden special BTS during a match. There are loads of goodies waiting for finding these hidden spots. The map is also dotted with glimpses of the Free Fire x BTS collection that will release in phases beginning March 24th.

Can’t wait to get some K-pop action? Then, download Free Fire for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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