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FREE World of Tanks – Lightweight Fighter Pack on Steam

Add the Tier VI Premium British medium tank to your garage!

We have some excellent news for people playing World of Tanks on Steam. Today, Wargaming celebrates the first anniversary of its hit title on Steam. As a thank-you gift for players, we can add a DLC with Cromwell B to our accounts at no additional cost!

A premium vehicle is not the only thing you will gain after activating the free WoT Lightweight Fighter Pack; you will also receive a garage slot, 100% crew (including commander with 6th sense), 700k credits, and three demount kits. Now that’s a terrific way to celebrate the anniversary!

How to get a free premium tank for World of Tanks

To activate the DLC with such content on your account, you need to own World of Tanks on Steam. The game is free, and if you don’t have it yet, you can add it here.

After that, to get World of Tanks – Lightweight Fighter Pack for free, visit this Steam store page and press the “Add to Account” button. That’s it – you can now jump into battlefields with the famous tank made by the British 7th Armoured Division.

This giveaway offer is time-limited. You can get your freebie only until May 22nd, 2022. Once you get the DLC, it will be permanently in your library. Enjoy!

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