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Friday the 13th Is Coming Back To Steam

Friday the 13th the game was one that many people loved, that gives off a lot of the same vibes as Dead by Daylight. However, the game was canceled and shut down back in November 2020, which was due to a licenesing problem with Victor Miller, who is the franchise creator. While the servers were then shut down for a total of 3 years after that, it wasn’t until 2023 that the game was delisted because of the licenses expiring all together according to GameRant.

This video game is based on the very popular movie franchise that has a total of 12 movies all together. This game goes over a very simliar story of four victums trying to escape Jason as he chases them around the lake. The good news is, the Friday the 13th: The Game is coming back, but only to Steam as a fan-made game.

The game will be returning under a brand new title, Friday the 13 Resurrected which will be on the platform as a free-to-play game, versus its normally $20 plus price tag it had once before. Back in February was when this was first announced, but the release date is April 15, which is just a little under two weeks away.

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However, while this is a Friday the 13th game, it seems it will be a better different as it is indie developed and will have a more modded style to it which will bring forth some new content and characters created by these fans of the game. The game will still have the same plotline behind it.

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