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Game of the Year Award Musical Stage Presentation and Winner | The Game Awards 2023

The Game Awards Orchestra played a piece of all the GOTY nominees’ soundtracks together in a medley live at The Game Awards 2023. And the winner of Game of the Year is… Baldur’s Gate 3! Congratulations to Larian Studios!

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21 days ago

Never even heard of that game

21 days ago

Epic ๐Ÿ’ซ

21 days ago

Baldur's Gate 3 is not the Game of the Year. It's videogame history.

21 days ago

lovely to see Matan presenting the game awards!

21 days ago

The violin chorus at 0:50 with the shot of Saga with a flare in the background hits me so hard. Every. Time.

Alan Wake 2 is just something else. Truly unique and unforgettable. We Sing will be remembered forever.

21 days ago

What about MLBB and PUBG โค

21 days ago

Jedi survivor not being up there is criminal

21 days ago

bg3 might have been the best game this year but totk had the best part in the medley

21 days ago

Who did they ask to vote for GOTY? Couple of incels?

21 days ago

baulders gate might not be my goty but the theme still hits hard

21 days ago

Seriously? Boulders Gate won? Who even plays those kinds of games?

21 days ago

Buldars gate 3 set a new bar for sure

21 days ago

how is Zelda not winning?

21 days ago

Every single nominee was better than bg3

Bg3 only appeals to a very niche audience and other games dont but they seem as if they dont care what the general consensus of gamers is and only appeal to niche now

21 days ago

No way it's supposed to be Marvel's Spider-Man 2

21 days ago

Baldurs Gate 3 is game of all years. Change my mind!

21 days ago

Willi Wonka

21 days ago

Transition between RE4 and TOTK tears me up every time ๐Ÿฅน

21 days ago

Baldurs gate boo wtf totk won the popular vote

21 days ago

The orchestra killed it. That medley was phenomenal.

21 days ago

Zelda still the best music for me

21 days ago

Why not spider man 2

21 days ago

Well deserved .

21 days ago

Baldur gate isn't a game this is a life like the Witcher 3 or gta5

21 days ago

Dude look like Tywin save King landing since Blackwater battle