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Gaming’s Complicated Future

Today, we discuss the complicated future of video games. With the vast amount of layoffs, focus on AI, waning AAA demand as indies bubble to the top, and regression of press and content creator coverage, we’re in for a world of change as the years roll by.

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1 month ago

I think the video game industry is heading towards a creative era

1 month ago

I can't help but see this video's thumbnail and think LOOK AT THIS PHOOOOTOGRAPH

1 month ago

This all needed to happen years ago when the rabid fans weren’t conditioned.

1 month ago

I don't like the idea of games being smaller, digital only games made by AI for a rental service. That's literally everything Microsoft is doing, and i hate it.

As gamers, if great games are getting more expensive to make, we should be willing to spend more to get them. Its on the developers though to release a product WORTH what they're charging, no matter how much it costs them to make. You can't charge full price for a broken or unfinished product just because it was expensive to make. Nintendo and PlayStation games might be expensive, but you know you're getting a quality product.

Too many gamers complaining about having to buy games, or not buying games, is not good for the industry. You have to give if you want to get. All the Xbox fans that praised gamepass and clowned on PlayStation fans for buying games, whos clowning who now? These companies will always go to the consumer that pays them

1 month ago

Capitalism ruins everything lol. No one wants to make a "good game" They want to make a successful game. Indie developers focus on quality, they make games for themselves, they want to make a "good game", that they want to play and then release it. Once an indie developer gets funded or bought by another major studio however, the games they are known for or want to be making have to have shareholders input in them, so they become less unique, less player focused, more money focused.

Look at the SIMS franchise where it is now, vs its competitor, which would be something like Paralives. AAA game studio EA makes the sims 4 and its so trash that an indie developer decides to start their own franchise to build what the Sims 4 should have been. The sims 1 was created by Maxis who was bought by EA before releasing the sims 2, 3 and now 4. Paralives developers, if its a success will likely receive the same treatment over the course of the next 20 years. Paralives will be amazing! Paralives Studios gets bought by Ubisoft(?) Paralives 2 will be amazing! (but now it has a store front) Paralives 3 has microtransactions and enough "DLC" to make the final product 6 years later end up being a $1000 game and everyone will be like "Oh why did Paralives studios drop the ball so hard between 2 and 3. what happened!?"

Even just look at Bethesda. Arena & Daggerfall come out, Production begins on Redguard, Battlespire and Morrowind in like 1997-1998 and in 1999 Bethesda is purchased by Zenimax. Bethesda finishes the 3 titles that were heavily in development already over the next few years and the next big release Zenimax had input on is Oblivion. Oblivion introduces Horse Armor and the first attempt at paid mods. It's a quality drop in systems for most RPG fans but it has fully voiced npc's. Skyrim, another steep drop from RPG elements and way more cash grabs but it makes it more accessible to wider audiences and is their biggest "success"… Bethesda still wants to make amazing games for you. Zenimax and now Microsoft want those amazing games to appeal to the widest audience and earn the most money… so it won't be an amazing game because it's not the game that they want to play, it has to be a game that everyone wants to play, and they have to want to play it for a decade. Thats how you end up with Starfield… A game they wanted to make for 20 years that comes out bland and flavorless, because its not the game Bethesda wanted to make 20 years ago.

1 month ago

I simply wont buy a game that’s made by AI

1 month ago

Im tired of u lames attacking AAA gaming the problem isnt AAA the problem is so call AAA online service games is the problem

1 month ago

This dude couldn't be more off. A 'covd bubble' doesn't exist. If it all only during the actual year of c19 when yes, more people were home to play games. Hirings were on a freeze. Also can't stand tubers lately claiming we all want lower budget games almost to the point of being anti AAA. The success of Palworld and Helldivers is from a lot of factors, none of which have anything to do with their budgets. If Palworld cost 800 million dollars to make the success of it would be exactly the same.

1 month ago

In regards to AI, I've only recently started to use it in my work. I've mainly used Copilot as an enhanced search engine to help with my questions. So far, it's been great, but with the limited use I have with it, I can see this being more integrated into our lives. I think back to the Yahoo/Ask Jeeves search engine days and how it only took a few short years for them to become part and parcel of daily life.

If you haven't already, it might be in your best interest, Matty, to at least dabble and see what these are about. It'll be a slow burn at first, but there will be many content creators who use AI in their work. If AI can cut out a lot of the noise we have to sift through when looking for solutions, then I think it'll serve its purpose.

1 month ago

The biggest successes of 2024 is indie games because barely any AAA games have released and we don't have a ton of confirmed dates over the next 6 months so of course.

But also Like a Dragon, Rebirth, Dogma, WWE, MLB etc. are going to sell millions and millions and millions of more copies. Like, we aren't even 2 full months into the year. You say stuff like Pacific Drive and Balantro but those combined didn't do half Tekken 8 numbers.

1 month ago

There are AAA games that try to be the next best live service that never ends, yes, but can we also talk about how many AAA games nowadays tend to also overstay their welcome. I swear the god so many AAA games I play just keep on going dozens and even hundreds of hours without staying interesting from start to finish. So much filler dialogue and quests.

1 month ago

Gameplay is always the key aspect to any game

1 month ago

I like matty, but this whole video is just some ignorant dude ranting. Game industry isnt dying. Its growing, but as every industry has periods of recession. Moreover, Shit games get punished. Good games get rewarded, simple as.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Great take! You covered all the issues in 15 mins. Well said. I feel bad for the devs being laid off but I'm pleased to see the predatory AAA space struggling. Games can still make money – just not the ridiculous profits they are all chasing

1 month ago

Live service is literal cancer

1 month ago

I definitely think there may be a shift back to how it was pre-mid-2000s, when games were made by smaller, more passionate teams on the publicly-traded side of the industry. Everything is cyclical, right? However, I think that won't happen until the entire American/Western/global(?) economy basically eats itself and crashes. I am not sure what will make the CEOs and shareholders truly learn their lesson to just let devs make games and accept small profits instead of expecting infinite growth.

1 month ago

Im so glad indie games are getting love as someome who was unhappy with the dtate of triple A games. Then i player Hollowknight, Hades and Darkest Dungeon. those games ignited some kind of gaming passion i hadnt felt since i was a kid and you really feel the love to play rather than the obligation to play with some triple A games nowadays.

1 month ago

Matty, authors are being hit too. All ebook sales sites are being flooded by AI written books with AI generated covers. If it keeps up all creatives will be out of jobs, not just games devs.

1 month ago

I do think there’s some selection bias going on. Indie games can fail by the dozens and nobody’ll ever hear about them; but because of how big AAA games are means everyone hears about every disappointment.

I think people are just tired of being exploited for money and constantly seeing things they like be intentionally made shitty in the name of profit.

People are also tired of games being disappointing. I’m not saying they need to be earth shattering, life changing experiences; but when 70% of big games are “not as good as it should be”, the feeling you leave with is “for once why can’t you just live up to your potential??”

1 month ago

Honestly I don't mind all of the layoffs simply because it's made a ton of trained professionals who are now seeking vindication in the indy space. My hope is that the future of Indy games will be extremely bright and we'll see a ton of new Indy studios pop up

1 month ago

Loving these longer discussion-type videos

1 month ago

I do love the irony on IGN. They as a company failed to teardown Hogwarts Legacy, which they helped on WB's decision last year to stop giving out free review copies to everyone. IGN knew what to do and the Internet became hypocritical as they became the random hate mob that went after Hogwarts Legacy. There is way too much hate clickbaiting this year especially when this year might eclipse 2023 on game competition.

1 month ago

Wokeness and ignoring Lore have finally taken its toll

1 month ago

Keep up the great work Matty agreed with lots of your points

1 month ago

Ngl, I click on a lot less of these videos because of the thumbnails… Matty, stop using yourself and stop looking like dreamcast guy

1 month ago

Nothing complicated about gaming,just one thing,show me the money,😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

1 month ago

Funny how you don't talk about the fails from your beloved Bugthesda. Redfall, Stanfield, fallout 76, the soo to be Blade. All published by the worst publisher in gaming history. Way to show your baizwd bullshit. You used to be a reliable creator now your just sitting on games than claiming Bethesda is doing a fantastic job.

1 month ago

You said it best, in an industry driven by creativity and passion, it pisses me off that the people on top are in it just for money. They push developers to try to replicate formulas that were successful (because the devs were passionate and actually wanted to make those games), and when it fails (because it was a project driven by money) they blame it on the industry.
On the other side, we have so many great games coming out and so little time to play (in my case) that we are able to know beforehand if it’s gonna be worth our money and time

1 month ago

Pot calling the kettle black here