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Garten of Banban 7 is out the new official teaser trailer with new previews!
In this video we will discover all the characters officially confirmed and hidden secrets of the new official teaser trailer of Garten of Banban 7!


GAME LINKS (Garten of Banban 7):

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27 days ago

you say the same things every episode I like the info but please dont say the same info and clickbait with syringeon in chapter 6 u said he was confirmed but he wasnt

27 days ago

Teaser 3 Is out

27 days ago

And Month??

27 days ago

Please make a video release date Garden of Banban 7 1Which I wrote in the community on my channel!

27 days ago

Lumajuso tv , maybe developer ( euphoric brother ) will make official trailer for see what happened about between bittergiggle and what he became hellish liked banban also nabnab , I confused 😢😢😢😢

27 days ago

Je vien de crée mon premier short

27 days ago

А про мороженщика от кеплэрианс не забудь сделай видео пожалуйста

27 days ago

Slow seline was also confirmed on discord according to the wiki apparently.

27 days ago

Sotele Mac notch got Banban 7 Coryule Garten of banban Calendar 1, 2,3,4,6,7 yon

27 days ago

There will probably be one more new monster added. This is because after BanBan comes out, the official survey is conducted, and there are 4 characters every time.

27 days ago

Make a part 2 where the characters like Jumbo Josh, Slow Seline, Captain Fiddles, Stinger Flynn, Tarta Bird.

27 days ago

Where is Stinger Flynn 😢

27 days ago

Мне кажется что, сер дададу заразил всех одержимых монстров какой-то болезнью, а сиренгион может их вылечить, и они станут нормальными.

27 days ago

2:57 sound really funny sped up

27 days ago

These are my theories.

1. the claw marks on banban was probably caused by kittysaurus

2.the citizens may be allies

3.the hellish bittergiggle can be shown in the ending because all mutants are only shown in the ending

27 days ago

There is one character you forgot about, Nabnab. In chapter 6, Nabnab was an ally and then he became hellish to fight Sir Dadadoo, In chapter 7, Nabnab will for sure be an enemy just like what happened to little beak. In chapter 7 at some point, there will be a boss fight between us and hellish Nabnab. And we will have to return him back to normal

27 days ago

Ases teoría ms sin saver

27 days ago

we can't forget about the nanny

27 days ago

Garten of banban april

27 days ago

BROOO, I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!!! the sheriff in the second teaser trailer is near the garbage, just like in the third trailer where there was bittergiggle, there could be a fight between them😰

27 days ago

Where you get the model of Syringeon in the thumb of the video?

27 days ago

2:39 bittergiggle should becoms an actual hero

27 days ago

ojalá salga slow seline

27 days ago

I have a theory there could be a chase with bittergigle because its teeth are fluorescent

27 days ago

1:00 That is my theory

27 days ago

And the future of everything depends on YOU.

27 days ago

It can also released in may

27 days ago

Minecraft endermans xd

27 days ago

Magari possiederà anche Jumbo – sherif – stinger – seline e singeron

27 days ago

Yeah you correct a the syringeon save us Banban it's strange the find book a get a upcoming the possed high the find sir dadadoo like syringeon

GOBB 7 – April 1st & GOBB 5 – June or July – First final last chapter.

CharlieproX: He's coming very soon biggest relased 😆

CharlieproX: Upcoming for a hours 10 annoucement 👀👀

"Update for Chapter big!*

❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍 ❤‍🔥💌❤‍🩹 💌💘💝💖💗💓💞💕❣

Euphoric Brothers: The hours 10 of the gaames relase not out.

CharlieproX: Will steam and a added teaser 3 you lost time lol!

Euphoric Brothers: Oh fail now f*cked my last find found lol :X

CharlieproX: Will come out is official trailer for i hope sad

Euphoric Brothers: But final chapter last today not 8 after.

CharlieproX But why and like this relase and trailer?



27 days ago

I feel like based on the game cycle of the euphoric Bros we might be able to see it between mid April to early May. Because now that the production time is taking a bit longer, we saw with chapter 6 it took about four months rather than the basic two, there’s a chance this one may be another two months as well

27 days ago

It's widely believed that the characters (both goodies and baddies) from the new GOBB game will be very different because many of them probably have new forms while others (both current and new ones) are integrated on them.
Keep in mind that the new game's story will be far from prosperous, so it hides a lot of bone-chilling secrets everyone never discovered about.