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Get Islets for FREE at Epic Games for a limited time

Grab this wholesome metroidvania with an overwhelmingly positive Steam rating

As we wrote about previously, this week’s freebie on Epic Games comes in the form of indie hit Islets, and it’s available for you to claim right now. And seeing as it’s currently sitting with an incredible 96% overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam, if you have any interest in metroidvania games, we definitely wouldn’t skip this one.

You’ve got until April 4 to pick up your copy of Islets for absolutely zero cost. And remember, once it’s in your Epic account, it’s yours to download and play whenever you feel like it.

Claim Islets for free on Epic Games

Ready to help the hero Iko to reunite their fractured world? Grabbing your copy of Islets is super simple, just click the ‘Get Islets free on Epic Games’ button below and it’ll take you straight to the right page. Just make sure you’re signed into your Epic account, click ‘GET’ on the game’s page, follow the steps that pop up and you’re away!

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