Game Trailers 36

Get Ready for Your Trip to Blueberry Academy!

Watch the final trailer for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk to learn about exciting new ways to play Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet!


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16 days ago

Palworld is better and costs less!

16 days ago

2:52 Next Legends starters!!!

16 days ago

This mobile version of palworld looks really cool!!!

16 days ago

Fix the game learn from palworld and Zelda

16 days ago

I love necrozma

16 days ago

Palworld is better in every way.

16 days ago

Palworld is way better 0:10

16 days ago

Hi pokemon company can you bring meltan and its Evolution to pokemon scarlet and violet i had one is pokemon Sword

16 days ago

Really hoping that The Pokemon Company gives us a chance to get the older games as ports on the switch, like they did with Gens I & II on the 3DS, especially considering it's too late for any new purchases on the e-shop. I'd be more willing to pay for something like that. I can't justify paying the current asking price for the DLC. The base game will just have to do.

16 days ago

Yay!!!! ❤❤

16 days ago

Nice graphics! Finnish fans here 👋🏻👋🏻

16 days ago

Some channel called woo hoo story time is making fun of your creation and saying chijimon.

16 days ago

Hilda: Gasp holds the sword
Hilbert: Hilda no.
Hilbert: Sigh it's okay i promise we're getting remake back i hope Pokemon direct tell us now or what happen

16 days ago

Man… It's been years since I've actually played a Pokemon game now…😮 It's amazing the advancements that have been made thus far.

The last latest Pokemon game series I played was Pokemon Pearl for Nintendo DS after Pokemon Diamond & Pearl first came out.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are really pushing the envelope of what's possible now.

Someday there needs to be an even bigger "open world" Pokemon game that's like the Pokemon version of "Fortnite" where you can travel the whole Pokemon world solo and/or in teams traveling all the known Pokemon regions and whatnot like how Ash, Pikachu, Brock & Misty did…

Seems like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are consciously or unconsciously heading in that direction and that'd be awesome indeed 💯👍😎.

Even if the "real world role-playing game of Pokemon Go's its game-playing mechanics are further developed and incorporated into a massive open world Pokemon game with free travel there needs to be a new "free movement Pokemon Battling System" that should be the next steps going forward in the future of Pokemon…

Anyways Pokemon Scarlet & Violet look like pretty good developments in Pokemon right now and I only wonder how the remakes of Generation 5 Pokemon Black & White will look like a while off from now…🧐 Hmmm…🤔

16 days ago

This music is so good though

16 days ago

You advertised this DLC as a way for players to get all the starters from past games. Why are you locking them behind BP points? You need 3000 BP points to unlock 1 area, to get all 4 areas unlocked players need a total of 12,000 BP points that’s just silly.

For solo players this is a nightmare you need to either lower the cost or increase the amount the player gets rewarded for completing BP tasks

16 days ago

Thoughts on the Terapagos battle:

Extremely underwhelming.

16 days ago

When are you going to make a Poképark port to the switch?

16 days ago

Can i eat your shoes pokey man

16 days ago

trying to trade my iron boulder for gouging fire on pokemon home

16 days ago

Your promotion team sucks

16 days ago

Can we get a full release of the song? 😂
I literally downloaded an MP3 version of this video. 🤣💀

16 days ago

I was confused about the champion until I found out that Kieran was rhe champion so uhh yeah 😐👍

16 days ago

Absolutely disappointed about the shiny locked legendaries. I planned to play the game and get them all for my collection wether that was months or years from now BUT the fact they are locked has soured and eroded my last hope and desire for this broken game. You have a literal shiny rayquaza in the anime YET YOU WILL NEVER GET A SHINY RAY IN THE GAME?!?! Make it make sense pokemon and REMOVE THE LOCK! Otherwise done with this game😒

16 days ago

Where's the final trailer music link?

16 days ago

Im so upset that they didnt include the legendy pokemon from kalos like come on what are you guys doing add the kalos legendaries to the game

16 days ago

What a waste of money and time. The performance issues beside, locking a dozen legendary behind a online wall is ugly greed.

16 days ago

2:00 is still the coolest thing to EVER come out of pokemon

16 days ago

Cannot believe that the is one of the biggest franchises of all time and this the quality we are getting

16 days ago

Shiny locking the legendaries was a pure BS move.

16 days ago

The first words that came out of my mouth when I first arrived at Blueberry Academy… "Welcome to the future." Looking at the place actually makes me feel as though my player character has stepped through a time portal into the future.

16 days ago

Terrible decision to lock half the legendaries behind Union quests. Yall continue to disapoint, not to mention terrible frame rate still

16 days ago

I hope I can play a whole game in pokemon sync one day that's similar to mystery dungeon rescue team
I love you can fly, swim, fight, I wish I could save, jump, etc in pokemon form but I absolutely love it to bits! I love dusk lycanroc and hope it'll be in more pokemon games, I love being shiny lucario also and shiny dusk lycanroc, pikachu, Lapras, and many more
Thank you so much for Poke Sync ❤

16 days ago

3:12 What part of the DLC do you see that happen? I completed the story and I didn't see anything like that…

16 days ago

Does anyone knows the name of the music on the first 30seconds?

16 days ago

I'm butthurt that they give us the two horses but not Calyrex or however it's spelt