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Get YouTuber-themed Horror Game ‘Content Warning’ Free For April Fools, From The Creators of TABS

Give your laughs a spooky turn today, with Content Warning, the latest in a line of April Fools releases from Landfall, best known for their work on Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, and Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Simulator. Like their past April Fools releases, like Knightfall, Content Warning, is free for a short time (24 hours in this case, whereupon it will become a paid game. It is likely the highlight of the days many jokes and jabs that we have collected otherwise over here.

In Content Warning, you play as a content creator exploring the entrance to an old forbidden world with your friends (either randoms or co-op with 2-4 players for better experiences than solo play). Explore the old world, where creepy creatures lurk, with cursed relics, and all sorts of other shenanigans you can get up to and film, to upload to SpookTube. Your goal: to get enough views to continue your run beyond three days, as each video’s views will earn you money that you can use to improve your equipment that you use for filming, and surviving.

I would note that you should be careful if you are an arachnophobe as there are spider-like creatures in the game that show up very early which I saw in my brief experience doing a short run to understand Content Warning a bit more. One other major aspect of the gameplay as well is managing resources, as you only have so much film on your camera, as well as charge on your flashlights. You do get to go rest at night, and recharge your resources, as well as upload your videos, but at the end of three days, you need to have gotten enough views (3k for the start) to continue.

One feature that stands out that captures the inherent goofiness of Content Warning is the ASCII faces. You get to design your face with ASCII characters on it, to express what you want to be seen, and just to have fun. It can be a simple :), or something like [:-| for a touch more complexity, or however you prefer. The color of your face, and the size the text is, is controllable as well.

Content Warning continues Landfall’s delightful trend of weird and whacky April Fools day games. It is available for free until 9AM Pacific tomorrow (or Noon Eastern) on Steam. After that, it will cost $7.99, so get your friends to grab it now for a spooktacular time.

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